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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NCPyCppyySet of helper functions that are invoked from the pythonizors, on the Python side
 NRooBatchComputeNamespace for dispatching RooFit computations to various backends
 NRooFitThe namespace RooFit contains mostly switches that change the behaviour of functions of PDFs (or other types of arguments)
 NRooStatsNamespace for the RooStats classes
 NROOTThis file contains a specialised ROOT message handler to test for diagnostic in unit tests
 NTMVACreate variable transformations
 CBasicGRULayerGeneric implementation
 CBasicLSTMLayerGeneric implementation
 CBasicRNNLayerGeneric implementation
 CBatchesThese classes encapsulate the necessary data for the computations
 CBatchInterfaceAccessorHelper class to access a batch-related part of RooAbsReal's interface, which should not leak to the outside world
 CBinomialNeymanIntervalImplement noncentral binomial confidence intervals using the Neyman construction
 CBinomialProbHelperHelper class impelementing the binomial probability and the likelihood ratio used for ordering the interval in the FeldmanCousins interval class
 CCanvasPainterGeneratorCreates RCanvasPainter objects
 CCellData_tCell data inner structure
 CCellGeom_tCell geometry inner structure
 CChangeGuardRAII guard for locking Eve manager (ctor) and processing changes (dtor)
 CCheckModuleBuildClientCustom diag client for clang that verifies that each implicitly build module is a system module
 CClassificationClass to perform two class classification
 CClassificationResultClass to save the results of the classifier
 CContDistFree functions adapter needed by UNURAN for onedimensional continuous distributions
 CCreateMethodPluginsPlugins analysis
 Cd_iov_tIovec for memory buffer
 Cd_sg_list_tScatter/gather list for memory buffers
 Cdaos_cont_info_tContainer information
 Cdaos_eventEvent and event queue
 Cdaos_handle_tGeneric handle for various DAOS components like container, object, etc
 Cdaos_pool_info_tStorage pool
 Cdaos_prop_tDaos properties, for pool or container
 CDataKeyTo use as a key type for RooFit data maps and containers
 CDebuggingSamplerDebuggingSampler is a simple implementation of the DistributionCreator interface used for debugging
 CDebuggingTestStatDebuggingTestStat is a simple implementation of the DistributionCreator interface used for debugging
 CdFieldStruct used by ShowGuidelines to store the distance Field between objects in the canvas
 CDiscrDistFree functions adapter needed by UNURAN for one-dimensional discrete distribution
 CEColumnTypeThe available trivial, native content types of a column
 CEfficiencyPlotWrapperNote: This file assumes a certain structure on the input file
 CENTupleContainerFormatDescribes the options for wrapping RNTuple data in files
 CEvent_tEvent structure
 CGCValues_tGraphics context structure
 CGenericRooFIterInterface for RooFIter-compatible iterators
 CGraphCreatorHelperHelper class that provides the operation graph nodes
 CHoption_tHistograms' drawing options structure
 CHparam_tHistogram parameters structure
 Cis_specialization< Ref< Args... >, Ref >
 CkNNKNN::Event describes point in input variable vector-space, with additional functionality like distance between points
 CMemPoolForRooSetsMemory pool for RooArgSet and RooDataSet
 CMultiDistFree functions adapter needed by UNURAN for multidimensional cont distribution
 CNameCleanerForIOAn helper class to dismount the name and remount it changed whenever necessary
 CNormalizationIntegralUnfolderA NormalizationIntegralUnfolder takes the top node of a computation graph and a normalization set for its constructor
 CNumericalDerivatorOriginal version created on: Aug 14, 2013 Authors: L
 CParamHistFuncA class which maps the current values of a RooRealVar (or a set of RooRealVars) to one of a number of RooAbsReal (nominally RooRealVar):
 CPiecewiseInterpolationThe PiecewiseInterpolation is a class that can morph distributions into each other, which is useful to estimate systematic uncertainties
 CPoint_tPoint structure (maps to the X11 XPoint structure)
 CPybins_tPythia6 common block Pybins
 CPydat1_tPythia6 common block Pydat1
 CPydat2_tPythia6 common block Pydat2
 CPydat3_tPythia6 common block Pydat3
 CPydat4_tPythia6 common block Pydat4
 CPydatr_tPythia6 common block Pydatr
 CPyint1_tPythia6 common block Pyint1
 CPyint2_tPythia6 common block Pyint2
 CPyint3_tPythia6 common block Pyint3
 CPyint4_tPythia6 common block Pyint4
 CPyint5_tPythia6 common block Pyint5
 CPyint6_tPythia6 common block Pyint6
 CPyint7_tPythia6 common block Pyint7
 CPyint8_tPythia6 common block Pyint8
 CPyint9_tPythia6 common block Pyint9
 CPyints_tPythia6 common block Pyints
 CPyjets_tPythia6 common block Pyjets
 CPymssm_tPythia6 common block Pymssm
 CPypars_tPythia6 common block Pypars
 CPyssmt_tPythia6 common block Pyssmt
 CPysubs_tPythia6 common block Pysubs
 CRbcClassThis file contains the code for cpu computations using the RooBatchCompute library
 CRByteSwapHelper templated class for swapping bytes; specializations for N={2,4,8} are provided below
 CRByteSwap< 2 >
 CRByteSwap< 4 >
 CRByteSwap< 8 >
 CRCanvasPainterNew implementation of canvas painter, using RWebWindow
 CRCollectionNTupleA virtual ntuple used for writing untyped collections that can be used to some extent like an RNTupleWriter
 CRColumnA column is a storage-backed array of a simple, fixed-size type, from which pages can be mapped into memory
 CRColumnReaderBasePure virtual base class for all column reader types
 CRectangle_tRectangle structure (maps to the X11 XRectangle structure)
 CREve3DProjection3D scaling projection
 CREveBox3D box with arbitrary vertices (cuboid)