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mg_request_info Struct Reference

Definition at line 150 of file civetweb.h.

Public Attributes

const char * acceptedWebSocketSubprotocol
struct mg_client_certclient_cert
void * conn_data
long long content_length
struct mg_header http_headers [(64)]
const char * http_version
int is_ssl
const char * local_uri
const char * local_uri_raw
int num_headers
const char * query_string
char remote_addr [48]
int remote_port
const char * remote_user
const char * request_method
const char * request_uri
int server_port
void * user_data

#include </home/sftnight/build/workspace/root-makedoc-master/rootspi/rdoc/src/master/net/http/civetweb/civetweb.h>

Member Data Documentation

◆ acceptedWebSocketSubprotocol

const char* mg_request_info::acceptedWebSocketSubprotocol

Definition at line 184 of file civetweb.h.

◆ client_cert

struct mg_client_cert* mg_request_info::client_cert

Definition at line 182 of file civetweb.h.

◆ conn_data

void* mg_request_info::conn_data

Definition at line 176 of file civetweb.h.

◆ content_length

long long mg_request_info::content_length

Definition at line 168 of file civetweb.h.

◆ http_headers

struct mg_header mg_request_info::http_headers[(64)]

Definition at line 180 of file civetweb.h.

◆ http_version

const char* mg_request_info::http_version

Definition at line 161 of file civetweb.h.

◆ is_ssl

int mg_request_info::is_ssl

Definition at line 173 of file civetweb.h.

◆ local_uri

const char* mg_request_info::local_uri

Definition at line 157 of file civetweb.h.

◆ local_uri_raw

const char* mg_request_info::local_uri_raw

Definition at line 154 of file civetweb.h.

◆ num_headers

int mg_request_info::num_headers

Definition at line 178 of file civetweb.h.

◆ query_string

const char* mg_request_info::query_string

Definition at line 162 of file civetweb.h.

◆ remote_addr

char mg_request_info::remote_addr[48]

Definition at line 166 of file civetweb.h.

◆ remote_port

int mg_request_info::remote_port

Definition at line 170 of file civetweb.h.

◆ remote_user

const char* mg_request_info::remote_user

Definition at line 164 of file civetweb.h.

◆ request_method

const char* mg_request_info::request_method

Definition at line 151 of file civetweb.h.

◆ request_uri

const char* mg_request_info::request_uri

Definition at line 152 of file civetweb.h.

◆ server_port

int mg_request_info::server_port

Definition at line 171 of file civetweb.h.

◆ user_data

void* mg_request_info::user_data

Definition at line 175 of file civetweb.h.

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