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RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory Class Reference

Definition at line 28 of file buildLikelihood.h.

Public Member Functions

 NLLFactory (RooAbsPdf &pdf, RooAbsData &data)
 Create a likelihood builder for a given pdf and dataset.
std::unique_ptr< RooAbsLbuild ()
NLLFactoryConstrainedParameters (const RooArgSet &constrainedParameters)
NLLFactoryEvalBackend (RooFit::EvalBackend evalBackend)
NLLFactoryExtended (RooAbsL::Extended extended)
NLLFactoryExternalConstraints (const RooArgSet &externalconstraints)
NLLFactoryGlobalObservables (const RooArgSet &globalObservables)
NLLFactoryGlobalObservablesTag (const char *globalObservablesTag)

Private Member Functions

std::vector< std::unique_ptr< RooAbsL > > getSimultaneousComponents ()

Private Attributes

RooArgSet _constrainedParameters
RooFit::EvalBackend _evalBackend = RooFit::EvalBackend::Legacy()
RooAbsL::Extended _extended = RooAbsL::Extended::Auto
RooArgSet _externalConstraints
RooArgSet _globalObservables
std::string _globalObservablesTag

#include <RooFit/TestStatistics/buildLikelihood.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NLLFactory()

RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::NLLFactory ( RooAbsPdf pdf,
RooAbsData data 

Create a likelihood builder for a given pdf and dataset.

[in]pdfRaw pointer to the pdf
[in]dataRaw pointer to the dataset

Definition at line 307 of file buildLikelihood.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ build()

std::unique_ptr< RooAbsL > RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::build ( )

Definition at line 324 of file buildLikelihood.cxx.

◆ ConstrainedParameters()

NLLFactory & RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::ConstrainedParameters ( const RooArgSet constrainedParameters)
[in]constrainedParametersSet of parameters that are constrained. Pdf components dependent on these alone are added to the subsidiary likelihood.

Definition at line 363 of file buildLikelihood.cxx.

◆ EvalBackend()

NLLFactory & RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::EvalBackend ( RooFit::EvalBackend  evalBackend)

Definition at line 399 of file buildLikelihood.cxx.

◆ Extended()

NLLFactory & RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::Extended ( RooAbsL::Extended  extended)
[in]extendedSet extended term calculation on, off or use RooAbsL::Extended::Auto to determine automatically based on the pdf whether to activate or not.

Definition at line 354 of file buildLikelihood.cxx.

◆ ExternalConstraints()

NLLFactory & RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::ExternalConstraints ( const RooArgSet externalConstraints)
[in]externalConstraintsSet of external constraint pdfs, i.e. constraints not necessarily in the pdf itself. These are always added to the subsidiary likelihood.

Definition at line 372 of file buildLikelihood.cxx.

◆ getSimultaneousComponents()

std::vector< std::unique_ptr< RooAbsL > > RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::getSimultaneousComponents ( )

Definition at line 205 of file buildLikelihood.cxx.

◆ GlobalObservables()

NLLFactory & RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::GlobalObservables ( const RooArgSet globalObservables)
[in]globalObservablesObservables that have a constant value, independent of the dataset events. Pdf components dependent on these alone are added to the subsidiary likelihood.
Overrides all other likelihood parameters (like those in NLLFactory::ConstrainedParameters()) if present.

Definition at line 383 of file buildLikelihood.cxx.

◆ GlobalObservablesTag()

NLLFactory & RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::GlobalObservablesTag ( const char *  globalObservablesTag)
[in]globalObservablesTagString that can be set as attribute in pdf components to indicate that it is a global observable. Can be used instead of or in addition to NLLFactory::GlobalObservables().

Definition at line 393 of file buildLikelihood.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _constrainedParameters

RooArgSet RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::_constrainedParameters

Definition at line 47 of file buildLikelihood.h.

◆ _data

RooAbsData& RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::_data

Definition at line 44 of file buildLikelihood.h.

◆ _evalBackend

RooFit::EvalBackend RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::_evalBackend = RooFit::EvalBackend::Legacy()

Definition at line 51 of file buildLikelihood.h.

◆ _extended

RooAbsL::Extended RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::_extended = RooAbsL::Extended::Auto

Definition at line 46 of file buildLikelihood.h.

◆ _externalConstraints

RooArgSet RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::_externalConstraints

Definition at line 48 of file buildLikelihood.h.

◆ _globalObservables

RooArgSet RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::_globalObservables

Definition at line 49 of file buildLikelihood.h.

◆ _globalObservablesTag

std::string RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::_globalObservablesTag

Definition at line 50 of file buildLikelihood.h.

◆ _pdf

RooAbsPdf& RooFit::TestStatistics::NLLFactory::_pdf

Definition at line 43 of file buildLikelihood.h.

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