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RooVectorDataStore::ArraysStruct Class Reference

Output struct for the RooVectorDataStore::getArrays() helper function.

Meant to be used for RooFit internal use and might change without warning.

Definition at line 70 of file RooVectorDataStore.h.


struct  ArrayInfo

Public Attributes

std::vector< ArrayInfo< RooAbsCategory::value_type > > cats
std::vector< ArrayInfo< double > > reals
std::size_t size

#include <RooVectorDataStore.h>

Member Data Documentation

◆ cats

std::vector<ArrayInfo<RooAbsCategory::value_type> > RooVectorDataStore::ArraysStruct::cats

Definition at line 80 of file RooVectorDataStore.h.

◆ reals

std::vector<ArrayInfo<double> > RooVectorDataStore::ArraysStruct::reals

Definition at line 79 of file RooVectorDataStore.h.

◆ size

std::size_t RooVectorDataStore::ArraysStruct::size

Definition at line 82 of file RooVectorDataStore.h.

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