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ROOT::RDF::Experimental Namespace Reference


class  RDatasetSpec
 A dataset specification for RDataFrame. More...
class  RResultMap


template<typename T >
RResultMap< T > VariationsFor (RResultPtr< T > resPtr)
 Produce all required systematic variations for the given result. More...

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template<typename T >
RResultMap< T > ROOT::RDF::Experimental::VariationsFor ( RResultPtr< T >  resPtr)

Produce all required systematic variations for the given result.

[in]resPtrThe result for which variations should be produced.
A RResultMap object with full variation names as strings (e.g. "pt:down") and the corresponding varied results as values.

A given input RResultPtr<T> produces a corresponding RResultMap<T> with a "nominal" key that will return a value identical to the one contained in the original RResultPtr. Other keys correspond to the varied values of this result, one for each variation that the result depends on. VariationsFor does not trigger the event loop. The event loop is only triggered upon first access to a valid key, similarly to what happens with RResultPtr.

If the result does not depend, directly or indirectly, from any registered systematic variation, the returned RResultMap will contain only the "nominal" key.

See RDataFrame's Vary method for more information and example usages.

Currently, producing variations for the results of Display, Report and Snapshot actions is not supported.

Definition at line 214 of file RDFHelpers.hxx.