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mg_context Struct Reference

Definition at line 2312 of file civetweb.c.

Public Attributes

struct mg_callbacks callbacks
unsigned int cfg_worker_threads
int context_type
struct mg_domain_context dd
struct pollfd * listening_socket_fds
struct socketlistening_sockets
pthread_t masterthreadid
unsigned int max_request_size
pthread_mutex_t nonce_mutex
unsigned int num_listening_sockets
volatile int sq_blocked
pthread_cond_t sq_empty
pthread_cond_t sq_full
volatile int sq_head
int sq_size
volatile int sq_tail
struct socketsqueue
time_t start_time
unsigned long starter_thread_idx
stop_flag_t stop_flag
char * systemName
pthread_mutex_t thread_mutex
void * user_data
struct mg_connectionworker_connections
pthread_t * worker_threadids

Member Data Documentation

◆ callbacks

struct mg_callbacks mg_context::callbacks

Definition at line 2396 of file civetweb.c.

◆ cfg_worker_threads

unsigned int mg_context::cfg_worker_threads

Definition at line 2345 of file civetweb.c.

◆ context_type

int mg_context::context_type

Definition at line 2321 of file civetweb.c.

◆ dd

struct mg_domain_context mg_context::dd

Definition at line 2406 of file civetweb.c.

◆ listening_socket_fds

struct pollfd* mg_context::listening_socket_fds

Definition at line 2324 of file civetweb.c.

◆ listening_sockets

struct socket* mg_context::listening_sockets

Definition at line 2323 of file civetweb.c.

◆ masterthreadid

pthread_t mg_context::masterthreadid

Definition at line 2343 of file civetweb.c.

◆ max_request_size

unsigned int mg_context::max_request_size

Definition at line 2368 of file civetweb.c.

◆ nonce_mutex

pthread_mutex_t mg_context::nonce_mutex

Definition at line 2391 of file civetweb.c.

◆ num_listening_sockets

unsigned int mg_context::num_listening_sockets

Definition at line 2325 of file civetweb.c.

◆ sq_blocked

volatile int mg_context::sq_blocked

Definition at line 2360 of file civetweb.c.

◆ sq_empty

pthread_cond_t mg_context::sq_empty

Definition at line 2359 of file civetweb.c.

◆ sq_full

pthread_cond_t mg_context::sq_full

Definition at line 2358 of file civetweb.c.

◆ sq_head

volatile int mg_context::sq_head

Definition at line 2356 of file civetweb.c.

◆ sq_size

int mg_context::sq_size

Definition at line 2361 of file civetweb.c.

◆ sq_tail

volatile int mg_context::sq_tail

Definition at line 2357 of file civetweb.c.

◆ squeue

struct socket* mg_context::squeue

Definition at line 2354 of file civetweb.c.

◆ start_time

time_t mg_context::start_time

Definition at line 2376 of file civetweb.c.

◆ starter_thread_idx

unsigned long mg_context::starter_thread_idx

Definition at line 2347 of file civetweb.c.

◆ stop_flag

stop_flag_t mg_context::stop_flag

Definition at line 2340 of file civetweb.c.

◆ systemName

char* mg_context::systemName

Definition at line 2375 of file civetweb.c.

◆ thread_mutex

pthread_mutex_t mg_context::thread_mutex

Definition at line 2341 of file civetweb.c.

◆ user_data

void* mg_context::user_data

Definition at line 2397 of file civetweb.c.

◆ worker_connections

struct mg_connection* mg_context::worker_connections

Definition at line 2327 of file civetweb.c.

◆ worker_threadids

pthread_t* mg_context::worker_threadids

Definition at line 2346 of file civetweb.c.

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