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GCValues_t Struct Reference

Graphics context structure.

Definition at line 224 of file GuiTypes.h.

Public Member Functions

 GCValues_t ()

Public Attributes

Int_t fArcMode
 kArcChord, kArcPieSlice More...
ULong_t fBackground
 background pixel More...
Int_t fCapStyle
 kCapNotLast, kCapButt, kCapRound, kCapProjecting More...
Pixmap_t fClipMask
 bitmap clipping; other calls for rects More...
Int_t fClipXOrigin
 origin for clipping More...
Int_t fClipYOrigin
Char_t fDashes [8]
 dash pattern list (dash length per byte) More...
Int_t fDashLen
 number of dashes in fDashes More...
Int_t fDashOffset
 patterned/dashed line information More...
Int_t fFillRule
 kEvenOddRule, kWindingRule More...
Int_t fFillStyle
 kFillSolid, kFillTiled, kFillStippled, kFillOpaeueStippled More...
FontH_t fFont
 default text font for text operations More...
ULong_t fForeground
 foreground pixel More...
EGraphicsFunction fFunction
 logical operation More...
Bool_t fGraphicsExposures
 boolean, should exposures be generated More...
Int_t fJoinStyle
 kJoinMiter, kJoinRound, kJoinBevel More...
Int_t fLineStyle
 kLineSolid, kLineOnOffDash, kLineDoubleDash More...
Int_t fLineWidth
 line width More...
Mask_t fMask
 bit mask specifying which fields are valid More...
ULong_t fPlaneMask
 plane mask More...
Pixmap_t fStipple
 stipple 1 plane pixmap for stippling More...
Int_t fSubwindowMode
 kClipByChildren, kIncludeInferiors More...
Pixmap_t fTile
 tile pixmap for tiling operations More...
Int_t fTsXOrigin
 offset for tile or stipple operations More...
Int_t fTsYOrigin

#include <GuiTypes.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GCValues_t()

GCValues_t::GCValues_t ( )

Definition at line 253 of file GuiTypes.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fArcMode

Int_t GCValues_t::fArcMode

kArcChord, kArcPieSlice

Definition at line 237 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fBackground

ULong_t GCValues_t::fBackground

background pixel

Definition at line 228 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fCapStyle

Int_t GCValues_t::fCapStyle

kCapNotLast, kCapButt, kCapRound, kCapProjecting

Definition at line 231 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fClipMask

Pixmap_t GCValues_t::fClipMask

bitmap clipping; other calls for rects

Definition at line 247 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fClipXOrigin

Int_t GCValues_t::fClipXOrigin

origin for clipping

Definition at line 245 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fClipYOrigin

Int_t GCValues_t::fClipYOrigin

Definition at line 246 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fDashes

Char_t GCValues_t::fDashes[8]

dash pattern list (dash length per byte)

Definition at line 249 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fDashLen

Int_t GCValues_t::fDashLen

number of dashes in fDashes

Definition at line 250 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fDashOffset

Int_t GCValues_t::fDashOffset

patterned/dashed line information

Definition at line 248 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fFillRule

Int_t GCValues_t::fFillRule

kEvenOddRule, kWindingRule

Definition at line 236 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fFillStyle

Int_t GCValues_t::fFillStyle

kFillSolid, kFillTiled, kFillStippled, kFillOpaeueStippled

Definition at line 234 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fFont

FontH_t GCValues_t::fFont

default text font for text operations

Definition at line 242 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fForeground

ULong_t GCValues_t::fForeground

foreground pixel

Definition at line 227 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fFunction

EGraphicsFunction GCValues_t::fFunction

logical operation

Definition at line 225 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fGraphicsExposures

Bool_t GCValues_t::fGraphicsExposures

boolean, should exposures be generated

Definition at line 244 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fJoinStyle

Int_t GCValues_t::fJoinStyle

kJoinMiter, kJoinRound, kJoinBevel

Definition at line 233 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fLineStyle

Int_t GCValues_t::fLineStyle

kLineSolid, kLineOnOffDash, kLineDoubleDash

Definition at line 230 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fLineWidth

Int_t GCValues_t::fLineWidth

line width

Definition at line 229 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fMask

Mask_t GCValues_t::fMask

bit mask specifying which fields are valid

Definition at line 251 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fPlaneMask

ULong_t GCValues_t::fPlaneMask

plane mask

Definition at line 226 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fStipple

Pixmap_t GCValues_t::fStipple

stipple 1 plane pixmap for stippling

Definition at line 239 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fSubwindowMode

Int_t GCValues_t::fSubwindowMode

kClipByChildren, kIncludeInferiors

Definition at line 243 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fTile

Pixmap_t GCValues_t::fTile

tile pixmap for tiling operations

Definition at line 238 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fTsXOrigin

Int_t GCValues_t::fTsXOrigin

offset for tile or stipple operations

Definition at line 240 of file GuiTypes.h.

◆ fTsYOrigin

Int_t GCValues_t::fTsYOrigin

Definition at line 241 of file GuiTypes.h.

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