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cgi_environment Struct Reference

Definition at line 10956 of file civetweb.c.

Public Attributes

char * buf
size_t buflen
size_t bufused
struct mg_connectionconn
char ** var
size_t varlen
size_t varused

Member Data Documentation

◆ buf

char* cgi_environment::buf

Definition at line 10959 of file civetweb.c.

◆ buflen

size_t cgi_environment::buflen

Definition at line 10960 of file civetweb.c.

◆ bufused

size_t cgi_environment::bufused

Definition at line 10961 of file civetweb.c.

◆ conn

struct mg_connection* cgi_environment::conn

Definition at line 10957 of file civetweb.c.

◆ var

char** cgi_environment::var

Definition at line 10963 of file civetweb.c.

◆ varlen

size_t cgi_environment::varlen

Definition at line 10964 of file civetweb.c.

◆ varused

size_t cgi_environment::varused

Definition at line 10965 of file civetweb.c.

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