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TClingValue::HasTheSameSizeAsClingValue Struct Reference

Definition at line 38 of file TClingValue.h.

Public Attributes

long double fBiggestElementOfUnion
void * fInterpreter
bool fNeedsManagedAlloc
void * fType
short fTypeKind

Member Data Documentation

◆ fBiggestElementOfUnion

long double TClingValue::HasTheSameSizeAsClingValue::fBiggestElementOfUnion

Definition at line 39 of file TClingValue.h.

◆ fInterpreter

void* TClingValue::HasTheSameSizeAsClingValue::fInterpreter

Definition at line 43 of file TClingValue.h.

◆ fNeedsManagedAlloc

bool TClingValue::HasTheSameSizeAsClingValue::fNeedsManagedAlloc

Definition at line 40 of file TClingValue.h.

◆ fType

void* TClingValue::HasTheSameSizeAsClingValue::fType

Definition at line 42 of file TClingValue.h.

◆ fTypeKind

short TClingValue::HasTheSameSizeAsClingValue::fTypeKind

Definition at line 41 of file TClingValue.h.

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