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Proof tutorials

These examples aim to illustrate the usage of PROOF.


 Class to hold information about the processed elements of a file.
 Selector used for auxiliary actions in the PROOF tutorials.
 Selector for generic processing with Event.
 Selector to process trees containing Event structures.
 Selector to process tree friends.
 Selector to fill a simple ntuple.
 Selector to generate Monte Carlo events with Pythia8.
 Selector to fill a set of histograms.
 Selector to fill a set of histograms and merging via file.
 Selector for generic processing with stdlib collections.
 Auxilliary selector used to test PROOF functionality.


file  EmptyInclude.h
 Empty file to test TProof::Load in runProof.C and StressProof.cxx in conjunction with ProcFileElements and ProofEventProc .
file  finalizeProof.C
 Macro to finalize queries run with the macro tutorials/runProof .
file  getProof.C
 Attaches to a PROOF session, possibly at the indicated URL.