Topical Manuals

This page lists all the manuals related to packages used by or close to the ROOT framework.


The RooFit library provides a toolkit for modeling the expected distribution of events in a physics analysis.

HTTP Server

The idea of THttpServer is to provide remote http access to running ROOT application and enable HTML/JavaScript user interface. Download it here.

HttpServer manual: 6 Release Cycle

HttpServer manual (5.34)


The JSROOT project intends to implement ROOT graphics for web browsers. Reading of binary ROOT files is supported.


The CERN Program Library was a large collection of general-purpose programs written in FORTRAN. It is deprecated for many years but many algorithms it implemented at that time were back-ported to ROOT. That’s why a link to the pdf version of the CERNLib manual is kept here.


Minuit was a FORTRAN package conceived as a tool to find the minimum value of a multi-parameter function and analyze the shape of the function around the minimum. It was translated in C++ in the TMinuit class. A link to the pdf version of the Minuit manual is kept here.

Minuit 2

Minuit2 is a tool to find the minimum value of a multi-parameter function. Download the manual here.

Minuit2 manual: 6 Release Series

Minuit2 manual (5.34)


TSpectrum is a class providing processing and visualization functions: consult its manual here.

TSpectrum manual: 6 Release Cycle

TSpectrum manual (5.34)


TMVA is a toolkit for Multivariate Data Analysis.


Virtual Monte Carlo (VMC) defines an abstract layer between a detector simulation user code (MC application) and the Monte Carlo transport code (MC).

The VMC documentation