Topical Manuals

This page lists all the manuals related to packages used by or close to the ROOT framework.


The RooFit library provides a toolkit for modeling the expected distribution of events in a physics analysis.

HTTP Server

The idea of THttpServer is to provide remote http access to running ROOT application and enable HTML/JavaScript user interface. Download it here.

HttpServer manual: 6 Release Cycle

HttpServer manual (5.34)


The JSROOT project intends to implement ROOT graphics for web browsers. Reading of binary ROOT files is supported.


The CERN Program Library was a large collection of general-purpose programs written in FORTRAN. It is deprecated for many years but many algorithms it implemented at that time were back-ported to ROOT. That’s why a link to the pdf version of the CERNLib manual is kept here.


Minuit was a FORTRAN package conceived as a tool to find the minimum value of a multi-parameter function and analyze the shape of the function around the minimum. It was translated in C++ in the TMinuit class. A link to the pdf version of the Minuit manual is kept here.

Minuit 2

Minuit2 is a tool to find the minimum value of a multi-parameter function. Download the manual here.

Minuit2 manual: 6 Release Series

Minuit2 manual (5.34)


This additional documentation for the GenVector package is rather detailed, although it could be that is not completely up to date. Some new classes added later might be not documented in this manual. Nevertheless it is still very interesting.


TSpectrum is a class providing processing and visualization functions: consult its manual here.

TSpectrum manual: 6 Release Cycle

TSpectrum manual (5.34)


TMVA is a toolkit for Multivariate Data Analysis. The Documentation (updated version for ROOT 6) can be found in the ROOT GitHub repository.


PROOF is kept for those who still need it for legacy use cases. The legacy documentation is now frozen. It is available as a pdf document.