All Reference Guides

The Reference Guide is available for all major ROOT releases. This page gives the list of all the past versions.

ROOT Version HTML link Download links Link to the Tag file Link to the QCH file
HEAD of the git master browse   tag file qch file
6.32 browse html632.tar.gz - html632.tar.xz tag file  
6.30 browse html630.tar.gz - html630.tar.xz tag file  
6.28 browse html628.tar.gz - html628.tar.xz tag file  
6.26 browse html626.tar.gz - html626.tar.xz tag file  
6.24 browse html624.tar.gz - html624.tar.xz tag file  
6.22 browse html622.tar.gz - html622.tar.xz tag file  
6.20 browse html620.tar.gz - html620.tar.xz tag file  
6.18 browse html618.tar.gz - html618.tar.xz tag file  
6.16 browse html616.tar.gz - html616.tar.xz tag file  
6.14 browse html614.tar.gz - html614.tar.xz tag file  
6.12 browse html612.tar.gz - html612.tar.xz tag file  
6.10 browse html610.tar.gz - html610.tar.xz tag file  
6.08 browse html608.tar.gz - html608.tar.xz tag file  
6.06 browse html606.tar.gz - html606.tar.xz tag file  
6.04 browse html604.tar.gz - html604.tar.xz    
6.02 browse html602.tar.gz - html602.tar.xz    
5.34 browse html534.tar.gz - html534.tar.xz    
5.32 browse html532.tar.gz - html532.tar.xz    
5.30 browse html530.tar.gz - html530.tar.xz    
5.28 browse html528.tar.gz - html528.tar.xz    
5.26 browse html526.tar.gz - html526.tar.xz    
5.24 browse html524.tar.gz - html524.tar.xz    

If your project documentation is done via Doxygen and it depends on ROOT, you may want to link your project documentation to the ROOT reference guide. This can be done using ROOT tag file (corresponding to your ROOT version) produced by Doxygen available in the previous table.

The .qch column is a file that you can use with qt-assistant, or for embedded help functionality in the open-source IDE QtCreator. For example, pressing F1 on top of a function will take you to its documentation on the right sidebar. Hovering the mouse on an object will show you a pop-up with its brief description. You can also consult the HTML reference guide without having to open a web browser or needing Internet access, just by clicking on the Help icon of the left sidebar. To enable these functionalities, go to Tools, Options, Help, Documentation, Add, Select the downloaded qch file (and do not delete it later). More detailed instructions are to be found on this blog post.