Shifter’s Instructions

These are the aspects the shifter shall keep under control

The shifter summarises the events of the week during the ROOT meeting. The hand-over to the next shifter must be carefully handled.

Forum Posts

All forum posts have to be followed up. Some hours can be given to the community to discuss the questions but an answer from the ROOT team must be given within 24 hours. It is responsibility of the shifter to make sure this happens, either answering or involving the relevant expert.

Failing tests

The shifter has the responsibility to “keep the builds green”. He/she needs to fix the broken tests in the incremental and nightly builds and/or involve the relevant experts to make that happen.

Open pull requests

The shifter has the responsibility to follow up PRs if the relevant expert did not, either interacting with the contributor or involving the relevant expert. Again, feedback needs to be given within 24 hours after the PR submission. Simple PRs should be reviewed. For simple PRs submitted by a contributor, the shifter should merge them immediately if they are acceptable (i.e. passing continuous integration and shifter’s review).

Incoming issues

The shifter should check incoming issues for completeness and do an assignment where it is clear. For each unassigned issue, the shifter should assign to the relevant people and add labels, e.g. type of issue, related ROOT components, priority, affected branches.