For Developers

The links in this section are intended for the ROOT developers and for people who want to contribute to the ROOT system.

Program of Work

The program of work for the ROOT project, documented for the relevant years.

Code Owners

ROOT consists of several loosely coupled but consistently designed parts. The “code owners” of these parts are experts that review pull requests and guide these packages over a couple of years.

Release Checklist

Steps to be followed to produce a new ROOT release.

Shifter’s Instructions

The aspects the shifter shall keep under control.


All ROOT-related meetings can be found in ROOT’s Indico category.


This new major version of ROOT will make ROOT much simpler and safer to use.

Run the Tests

Running all ROOT tests on at least a platform before sending a PR or before pushing anything to the ROOT repository is mandatory. The ROOT continuous integration infrastructure allows to automatically check the PR also on a battery of platform, for example including MacOs and linux boxes.

Setup externals from AFS/CVMFS

Instructions for setting up an environment with all the required ROOT externals coming from the central installations in AFS or CVMFS.

Continuous Integration / Testing

Doxygen in ROOT

Doxygen is used for generating the Reference Guide.

Editing the ROOT web site

Jekyll is used for generating the ROOT web site.