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EVE - the Event Visualization Environment of ROOT - provides application framework for construction of event-display programs.

Eve is built on top of ROOT's GUI, GL and GED infrastructure and delivers the following main features:

  • Base-classes for representation of visual objects that can be presented in list-tree views, object-editors and rendered via OpenGL (TEveElement and sub-classes).
  • Application manager class TEveManager for top-level management of elements, GUI components, geometries and events;
  • Classes for presentation of full TGeo geometries (TEveGeoNode and TEveGeoTopNode) as well as of simplifed geometries via extraction of shape-data (TEveGeoShape).

EVE was developed in collaboration between ALICE offline project and ROOT during 2006-2007. It was included in ROOT in December 2007 and since then it is being used by several HEP experiments.

Papers describing Eve (still using the old name - Reve):