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Release Checklist

Steps to be followed to produce a new ROOT release are:


  1. Get the 'green' light from all main developers
  2. Check that all the Jenkins builds / CDash builds are green
  3. Verify that no performance regressions exist in the benchmark system
  4. Update versions in JIRA


  1. Update the release notes in README/ReleaseNotes/vXXX/
    • Edit release notes patches section
    • From the list the versions in JIRA, select the version and then 'release notes'
    • git commit README/ReleaseNotes/vXXX/
  2. Modify version number and modify all necessary files
    • edit build/version_number (even patch number for releases)
    • Run from the build directory $ make version
  3. Tag main ROOT repository
    • $ git tag -a vX-YY-ZZ
    • Run $ cmake . to update etc/gitinfo.txt
  4. Create the source tarball
    • Run from the build directory $ make distsrc not on a MacOS machine
    • $ scp ../root_vX.YY.ZZ.source.tar.gz sftnight@root:/home/www/root/download
  5. Update the release notes in README/ReleaseNotes/vXXX/ again
    • edit README/ReleaseNotes/vXXX/; possibly copying from README/ReleaseNotes/ if this is not a patch release
    • git commit README/ReleaseNotes/vXXX/
  6. Update to the next development version
    • edit build/version_number (odd patch number)
    • make version, check in
  7. Push to github
    • $ git push origin vX-YY-00-patches
    • $ git push origin vX-YY-ZZ
  8. Tag ROOTTEST repository


  1. Produce binary tarfiles
    • start the procedure root-release-6.20 (or whichever branch) in Jenkins
    • tarfiles and other artifacts are copied to final destination
  2. Install binaries to CVMFS


  1. Update the release pages
    • Generate the release notes with the Jenkins procedure called root-releasenotes
    • Update the releases xml with the Jenkins procedure called root-release-makeReleasesXml
    • Once authenticated, import the releases xml in the site clicking import here (Be reminded: this works for authenticated users only!).
    • Eventually edit the 'highlights' section, which is currently commented, in the generated release page.
    • If this applies, mark the release as Pro or Old and remove the attribute to the one previously holding it. There are radio buttons exposed by Drupal when editing a release's page.
    • If not a patch release edit reference-guide page to add the new reference guide for the release.
  2. Announcements
    • send mail to the following mailing lists:,,,,
    • write announcement in RootTalk forum news