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## Background ROOT is implementing new interfaces following new interface styles. We follow [C++ Core Guidelines]( where reasonable in our context. Most noticeably this means - use of references as parameters instead... more
When the C++ committee met in Jacksonville two months ago, something big happened: the reflection study group, SG7, decided what the basic “language" of reflected C++ should look like. What does that mean? Why do you care? Let me, the co-author of the only “blessed proposal", explain: Almost... more
Hi, It's time to resume this blog - on what the ROOT team is up to; what happens at the C++ meetings; and a bit of behind-the-scenes of cling and ROOT. We have started to develop towards ROOT 7 and [its new interfaces]( We will have... more
Hi everyone, dear Matt! Matt Walker has posted an extensive review of ROOT and what he would hope the future of ROOT to be. Because I think many of his comments are good ones, and because I have heard some of them from several people in the past, I decided to give the answer to an audience that'... more
 Here is a list of the main changes which have been applied to the histogram classes in ROOT 6. These changes affect the behaviour of the histogram classes and explain why for some cases the same code would give a different outcome than in ROOT 5.    Rebinning/Extension of axis... more
The rainbow colormap is not the best choice to represent data using pseudo colors. This article is a study (using "Higgs data") showing why the rainbow colormap can be misleading and what could be better alternatives.
Being able to generate TeX graphics can be useful for several reasons: To have an easy to modify the image, in particular the labels and titles (ASCII file). To have the same font in all labels, legends, plot titles etc. as in the text body of a document. Render Math formulae using... more
Hi, A new C++ meeting is coming up in a few days. Many, many proposals are on the table; they can be found here and here. Out of those proposals only very few will be discussed at the meeting; likely only those that are about to make it into C++14. Given that I am rather new in this business... more
Hi! We are running late with ROOT 6, in part because I'm just back at work after being sick for 4 weeks. The other cling team members were hacking away at Fermilab, and I'll demonstrate how major that step to version 6 is for ROOT. "Commit Activity Index" for ROOT SVNPlot defines a... more
Hi, Two weeks ago I participated at the ISO C++ standard meeting. It was my and CERN's first one and a pleasant surprise. A few news items: The next two standards are planned for 2014 and 2017, with 2014 being a bit like 2003: mostly bug fixes and usability improvements. There is now (... more