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Downloading ROOT

We are developing ROOT according to the principle of Release early and release often. However, since a very large portion of the user base requires a stable product we generally keep at least three versions of the system available for download. The development, production and old versions.

Production release

This is a version we feel comfortable with to exposing to a large audience for serious work. We may issue patch releases of production versions with bug fixes. We release about two production versions per year. The old version is the previous production version that people might need for some time before switching to the new version.

Release candidate

A Release Candidate is a preview of the next production release. It allows users to make their code ready for the new production release, and to provide early feedback.

Development release

Use this to get access to the latest and greatest, but as a side effect there might be some instabilities. However, by trying out the development version you can help us converge much more quickly to a stable version that can then become the new production version.


You can download nightly snapshots of ROOT. That's useful to check whether a bug fix actually fixes an issue you reported, or to see the newest feature you heard about. It helps us tremendously to get feedback from you on nightlies: please try them out and report back to us!

Using binaries

After unpacking / installing the binary, and before using ROOT you should use a special script distributed with ROOT:

source <pathname>/root/bin/ (there are versions for [t]csh and fish, too.)

where <pathname> is the location where you unpacked the ROOT distribution.

Typically add these lines to your .profile or .login files.

Docker (Experimental)

We also provide ROOT in Docker containers, for more information see Docker Hub.

The following recent versions are available for download: