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cpp_cppyy.h File Reference
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
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namespace  Cppyy


typedef long long Long64_t
typedef long double LongDouble_t
typedef void * Cppyy::TCppEnum_t
typedef void * Cppyy::TCppFuncAddr_t
typedef size_t Cppyy::TCppIndex_t
typedef intptr_t Cppyy::TCppMethod_t
typedef void * Cppyy::TCppObject_t
typedef size_t Cppyy::TCppScope_t
typedef TCppScope_t Cppyy::TCppType_t
typedef unsigned long long ULong64_t


RPY_EXPORTED void Cppyy::AddSmartPtrType (const std::string &)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppObject_t Cppyy::Allocate (TCppType_t type)
RPY_EXPORTED void * Cppyy::AllocateFunctionArgs (size_t nargs)
RPY_EXPORTED unsigned char Cppyy::CallB (TCppMethod_t method, TCppObject_t self, size_t nargs, void *args)
RPY_EXPORTED char Cppyy::CallC (TCppMethod_t method, TCppObject_t self, size_t nargs, void *args)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppObject_t Cppyy::CallConstructor (TCppMethod_t method, TCppType_t type, size_t nargs, void *args)
RPY_EXPORTED double Cppyy::CallD (TCppMethod_t method, TCppObject_t self, size_t nargs, void *args)
RPY_EXPORTED void Cppyy::CallDestructor (TCppType_t type, TCppObject_t self)
RPY_EXPORTED float Cppyy::CallF (TCppMethod_t method, TCppObject_t self, size_t nargs, void *args)
RPY_EXPORTED short Cppyy::CallH (TCppMethod_t method, TCppObject_t self, size_t nargs, void *args)
RPY_EXPORTED int Cppyy::CallI (TCppMethod_t method, TCppObject_t self, size_t nargs, void *args)
RPY_EXPORTED long Cppyy::CallL (TCppMethod_t method, TCppObject_t self, size_t nargs, void *args)
RPY_EXPORTED LongDouble_t Cppyy::CallLD (TCppMethod_t method, TCppObject_t self, size_t nargs, void *args)
RPY_EXPORTED Long64_t Cppyy::CallLL (TCppMethod_t method, TCppObject_t self, size_t nargs, void *args)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppObject_t Cppyy::CallO (TCppMethod_t method, TCppObject_t self, size_t nargs, void *args, TCppType_t result_type)
RPY_EXPORTED void * Cppyy::CallR (TCppMethod_t method, TCppObject_t self, size_t nargs, void *args)
RPY_EXPORTED char * Cppyy::CallS (TCppMethod_t method, TCppObject_t self, size_t nargs, void *args, size_t *length)
RPY_EXPORTED void Cppyy::CallV (TCppMethod_t method, TCppObject_t self, size_t nargs, void *args)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppIndex_t Cppyy::CompareMethodArgType (TCppMethod_t, TCppIndex_t iarg, const std::string &req_type)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::Compile (const std::string &code)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppObject_t Cppyy::Construct (TCppType_t type)
RPY_EXPORTED void Cppyy::Deallocate (TCppType_t type, TCppObject_t instance)
RPY_EXPORTED void Cppyy::DeallocateFunctionArgs (void *args)
RPY_EXPORTED void Cppyy::Destruct (TCppType_t type, TCppObject_t instance)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::ExistsMethodTemplate (TCppScope_t scope, const std::string &name)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppType_t Cppyy::GetActualClass (TCppType_t klass, TCppObject_t obj)
RPY_EXPORTED void Cppyy::GetAllCppNames (TCppScope_t scope, std::set< std::string > &cppnames)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetBaseName (TCppType_t type, TCppIndex_t ibase)
RPY_EXPORTED ptrdiff_t Cppyy::GetBaseOffset (TCppType_t derived, TCppType_t base, TCppObject_t address, int direction, bool rerror=false)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppIndex_t Cppyy::GetDatamemberIndex (TCppScope_t scope, const std::string &name)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetDatamemberName (TCppScope_t scope, TCppIndex_t idata)
RPY_EXPORTED intptr_t Cppyy::GetDatamemberOffset (TCppScope_t scope, TCppIndex_t idata)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetDatamemberType (TCppScope_t scope, TCppIndex_t idata)
RPY_EXPORTED int Cppyy::GetDimensionSize (TCppScope_t scope, TCppIndex_t idata, int dimension)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppEnum_t Cppyy::GetEnum (TCppScope_t scope, const std::string &enum_name)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetEnumDataName (TCppEnum_t, TCppIndex_t idata)
RPY_EXPORTED long long Cppyy::GetEnumDataValue (TCppEnum_t, TCppIndex_t idata)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetFinalName (TCppType_t type)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppFuncAddr_t Cppyy::GetFunctionAddress (TCppMethod_t method, bool check_enabled=true)
RPY_EXPORTED size_t Cppyy::GetFunctionArgSizeof ()
RPY_EXPORTED size_t Cppyy::GetFunctionArgTypeoffset ()
RPY_EXPORTED TCppIndex_t Cppyy::GetGlobalOperator (TCppType_t scope, const std::string &lc, const std::string &rc, const std::string &op)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppMethod_t Cppyy::GetMethod (TCppScope_t scope, TCppIndex_t imeth)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetMethodArgDefault (TCppMethod_t, TCppIndex_t iarg)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetMethodArgName (TCppMethod_t, TCppIndex_t iarg)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetMethodArgType (TCppMethod_t, TCppIndex_t iarg)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetMethodFullName (TCppMethod_t)
RPY_EXPORTED std::vector< TCppIndex_tCppyy::GetMethodIndicesFromName (TCppScope_t scope, const std::string &name)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetMethodMangledName (TCppMethod_t)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetMethodName (TCppMethod_t)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppIndex_t Cppyy::GetMethodNumArgs (TCppMethod_t)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetMethodPrototype (TCppScope_t scope, TCppMethod_t, bool show_formalargs)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppIndex_t Cppyy::GetMethodReqArgs (TCppMethod_t)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetMethodResultType (TCppMethod_t)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetMethodSignature (TCppMethod_t, bool show_formalargs, TCppIndex_t maxargs=(TCppIndex_t) -1)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppMethod_t Cppyy::GetMethodTemplate (TCppScope_t scope, const std::string &name, const std::string &proto)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppIndex_t Cppyy::GetNumBases (TCppType_t type)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppIndex_t Cppyy::GetNumBasesLongestBranch (TCppType_t type)
 Retrieve number of base classes in the longest branch of the inheritance tree.
RPY_EXPORTED TCppIndex_t Cppyy::GetNumDatamembers (TCppScope_t scope)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppIndex_t Cppyy::GetNumEnumData (TCppEnum_t)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppIndex_t Cppyy::GetNumMethods (TCppScope_t scope)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppIndex_t Cppyy::GetNumTemplatedMethods (TCppScope_t scope)
RPY_EXPORTED TCppScope_t Cppyy::GetScope (const std::string &scope_name)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetScopedFinalName (TCppType_t type)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::GetSmartPtrInfo (const std::string &, TCppType_t *raw, TCppMethod_t *deref)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::GetTemplatedMethodName (TCppScope_t scope, TCppIndex_t imeth)
RPY_EXPORTED std::vector< TCppScope_tCppyy::GetUsingNamespaces (TCppScope_t)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::HasComplexHierarchy (TCppType_t type)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::HasVirtualDestructor (TCppType_t type)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsAbstract (TCppType_t type)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsBuiltin (const std::string &type_name)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsComplete (const std::string &type_name)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsConstData (TCppScope_t scope, TCppIndex_t idata)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsConstMethod (TCppMethod_t)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsConstructor (TCppMethod_t method)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsDestructor (TCppMethod_t method)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsEnum (const std::string &type_name)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsEnumData (TCppScope_t scope, TCppIndex_t idata)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsMethodTemplate (TCppScope_t scope, TCppIndex_t imeth)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsNamespace (TCppScope_t scope)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsProtectedData (TCppScope_t scope, TCppIndex_t idata)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsProtectedMethod (TCppMethod_t method)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsPublicData (TCppScope_t scope, TCppIndex_t idata)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsPublicMethod (TCppMethod_t method)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsSmartPtr (TCppType_t type)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsStaticData (TCppScope_t scope, TCppIndex_t idata)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsStaticMethod (TCppMethod_t method)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsSubtype (TCppType_t derived, TCppType_t base)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsTemplate (const std::string &template_name)
RPY_EXPORTED bool Cppyy::IsTemplatedConstructor (TCppScope_t scope, TCppIndex_t imeth)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::ResolveEnum (const std::string &enum_type)
RPY_EXPORTED std::string Cppyy::ResolveName (const std::string &cppitem_name)
RPY_EXPORTED size_t Cppyy::SizeOf (const std::string &type_name)
RPY_EXPORTED size_t Cppyy::SizeOf (TCppType_t klass)


RPY_EXPORTED TCppScope_t Cppyy::gGlobalScope = GLOBAL_HANDLE

Typedef Documentation

◆ Long64_t

typedef long long Long64_t

Definition at line 13 of file cpp_cppyy.h.

◆ LongDouble_t

typedef long double LongDouble_t

Definition at line 15 of file cpp_cppyy.h.

◆ ULong64_t

typedef unsigned long long ULong64_t

Definition at line 14 of file cpp_cppyy.h.