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ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor Class Reference

Clusters are stored in cluster groups.

Cluster groups span all the columns of a certain event range.

Very large ntuples or combined ntuples (chains, friends) contain multiple cluster groups. The cluster groups may contain sharded clusters. However, a cluster group must contain the clusters spanning all the columns for the given event range. Cluster groups must partition the entry range of an ntuple. Every ntuple has at least one cluster group. The clusters in a cluster group are ordered corresponding to the order of page locations in the page list envelope that belongs to the cluster group (see format specification)

Definition at line 331 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

Public Member Functions

 RClusterGroupDescriptor ()=default
 RClusterGroupDescriptor (const RClusterGroupDescriptor &other)=delete
 RClusterGroupDescriptor (RClusterGroupDescriptor &&other)=default
RClusterGroupDescriptor Clone () const
bool Contains (DescriptorId_t clusterId) const
const std::vector< DescriptorId_t > & GetClusterIds () const
DescriptorId_t GetId () const
std::uint64_t GetNClusters () const
std::uint32_t GetPageListLength () const
RNTupleLocator GetPageListLocator () const
RClusterGroupDescriptoroperator= (const RClusterGroupDescriptor &other)=delete
RClusterGroupDescriptoroperator= (RClusterGroupDescriptor &&other)=default
bool operator== (const RClusterGroupDescriptor &other) const

Private Attributes

DescriptorId_t fClusterGroupId = kInvalidDescriptorId
std::vector< DescriptorId_tfClusterIds
std::uint32_t fPageListLength = 0
 Uncompressed size of the page list. More...
RNTupleLocator fPageListLocator
 The page list that corresponds to the cluster group. More...


class RClusterGroupDescriptorBuilder

#include <ROOT/RNTupleDescriptor.hxx>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RClusterGroupDescriptor() [1/3]

ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::RClusterGroupDescriptor ( )

◆ RClusterGroupDescriptor() [2/3]

ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::RClusterGroupDescriptor ( const RClusterGroupDescriptor other)

◆ RClusterGroupDescriptor() [3/3]

ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::RClusterGroupDescriptor ( RClusterGroupDescriptor &&  other)

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::Clone ( ) const

Definition at line 387 of file RNTupleDescriptor.cxx.

◆ Contains()

bool ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::Contains ( DescriptorId_t  clusterId) const

Definition at line 357 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ GetClusterIds()

const std::vector< DescriptorId_t > & ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::GetClusterIds ( ) const

Definition at line 361 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ GetId()

DescriptorId_t ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::GetId ( ) const

Definition at line 353 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ GetNClusters()

std::uint64_t ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::GetNClusters ( ) const

Definition at line 354 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ GetPageListLength()

std::uint32_t ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::GetPageListLength ( ) const

Definition at line 356 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ GetPageListLocator()

RNTupleLocator ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::GetPageListLocator ( ) const

Definition at line 355 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ operator=() [1/2]

RClusterGroupDescriptor & ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::operator= ( const RClusterGroupDescriptor other)

◆ operator=() [2/2]

RClusterGroupDescriptor & ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::operator= ( RClusterGroupDescriptor &&  other)

◆ operator==()

bool ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::operator== ( const RClusterGroupDescriptor other) const

Definition at line 382 of file RNTupleDescriptor.cxx.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ RClusterGroupDescriptorBuilder

friend class RClusterGroupDescriptorBuilder

Definition at line 332 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fClusterGroupId

DescriptorId_t ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::fClusterGroupId = kInvalidDescriptorId

Definition at line 335 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ fClusterIds

std::vector<DescriptorId_t> ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::fClusterIds

Definition at line 336 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ fPageListLength

std::uint32_t ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::fPageListLength = 0

Uncompressed size of the page list.

Definition at line 340 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ fPageListLocator

RNTupleLocator ROOT::Experimental::RClusterGroupDescriptor::fPageListLocator

The page list that corresponds to the cluster group.

Definition at line 338 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

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