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class RooStats::HistFactory::HistRef

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

TH1*fHistpointer to contained histogram

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Function documentation

TH1 * CopyObject(TH1* h)
 implementation of method copying the contained pointer
 (just use Clone)
void DeleteObject(TH1* h)
HistRef(TH1* h = 0)
 constructor - use gives away ownerhip of the given pointer
HistRef(const RooStats::HistFactory::HistRef& other)
HistRef & operator=(const HistRef & other)
 assignment operator (delete previous contained histogram)
TH1 * GetObject() const
{ return fHist; }
void SetObject(TH1* h)
 set the object - user gives away the ownerhisp
void operator=(TH1* h)
 operator= passing an object pointer :  user gives away its ownerhisp
{ SetObject(h); }