Release 6.14/00 - 2018-06-13


  • LZ4 compression is now the default: it’s blazingly fast when reading ROOT files!
  • ROOT::RDataFrame is now the recommended way for analyzing trees: simple, expressive and parallel!
  • Windows is back!
  • …and this release is dedicated to our ROOT Workshop in Sarajevo, 10-13 September 2018: come and register!

Release Notes

The release notes for this release can be found here.

Source distribution

Platform Files Size
source root_v6.14.00.source.tar.gz 155M

Binary distributions

Platform Files Size
CentOS Cern 7 gcc4.8 root_v6.14.00.Linux-centos7-x86_64-gcc4.8.tar.gz 139M
Linux fedora26 gcc7.2 root_v6.14.00.Linux-fedora26-x86_64-gcc7.2.tar.gz 127M
Linux fedora27 gcc7.2 root_v6.14.00.Linux-fedora27-x86_64-gcc7.2.tar.gz 127M
Linux fedora28 gcc8.0 root_v6.14.00.Linux-fedora28-x86_64-gcc8.0.tar.gz 126M
Ubuntu 14 gcc4.8 root_v6.14.00.Linux-ubuntu14-x86_64-gcc4.8.tar.gz 124M
Ubuntu 16 gcc5.4 root_v6.14.00.Linux-ubuntu16-x86_64-gcc5.4.tar.gz 125M
Ubuntu 17 gcc7.2 root_v6.14.00.Linux-ubuntu17-x86_64-gcc7.2.tar.gz 131M
Ubuntu 18 gcc7.3 root_v6.14.00.Linux-ubuntu18-x86_64-gcc7.3.tar.gz 132M
Mac OS X 10.12 clang90 root_v6.14.00.macosx64-10.12-clang90.dmg 124M
Mac OS X 10.12 clang90 root_v6.14.00.macosx64-10.12-clang90.tar.gz 124M
Mac OS X 10.13 clang91 root_v6.14.00.macosx64-10.13-clang91.dmg 126M
Mac OS X 10.13 clang91 root_v6.14.00.macosx64-10.13-clang91.tar.gz 125M

Installations in CVMFS

Standalone installations with minimal external dependencies are available at:


Example for setting up ROOT from CVMFS

. /cvmfs/


The entire ROOT source can be obtained from our public Git repository:

git clone

The release specific tag can be obtained using:

cd root
git checkout -b v6-14-00 v6-14-00