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RooFit package

RooFit is a package for building likelihood models and fitting these to data.

For an introduction check the RooFit Tutorials, user's guides, courses or the RooFit chapter of the Manual.

For developers, there is also the RooFit Developer Documentation, which serves as a reference on how to extend RooFit with custom classes or for contributing to RooFit itself.


 RooFit main classes for building likelihood models, mainly PDFs.
 RooFit Core
 RooFit core classes. These provide the infrastructure for building likelihood models.
 RooFit Legacy
 Old RooFit classes.
 RooFit command arguments
 These arguments can be passed to functions of RooFit objects.
 RooFit CUDA
 RooFit CUDA support library.
 RooFit More
 RooFit components that are only available if ROOT was built with the mathmore option.
 RooStats is a toolkit for statistical tests built on top of RooFit.
 A high-level API for RooFit.
 RooFit Pythonizations