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TMVA::PDEFoamEvent Class Reference

This PDEFoam variant stores in every cell the sum of event weights and the sum of the squared event weights.

It therefore acts as event density estimator. It should be booked together with the PDEFoamEventDensity density estimator, which returns the event weight density at a given phase space point during the foam build-up.

Definition at line 38 of file PDEFoamEvent.h.

Public Member Functions

 PDEFoamEvent ()
 Default constructor for streamer, user should not use it.
 PDEFoamEvent (const TString &)
virtual ~PDEFoamEvent ()
virtual void FillFoamCells (const Event *ev, Float_t wt)
 This function fills an event weight 'wt' into the PDEFoam.
virtual TClassIsA () const
virtual void Streamer (TBuffer &)
 Stream an object of class TObject.
void StreamerNVirtual (TBuffer &ClassDef_StreamerNVirtual_b)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TMVA::PDEFoam
 PDEFoam ()
 Default constructor for streamer, user should not use it.
 PDEFoam (const TString &)
 User constructor, to be employed by the user.
virtual ~PDEFoam ()
 Default destructor.
void AddVariableName (const char *s)
void AddVariableName (TObjString *s)
void CheckAll (Int_t)
 User utility, miscellaneous and debug.
void Create ()
 Basic initialization of FOAM invoked by the user.
void DeleteBinarySearchTree ()
 Delete the foam's density estimator, which contains the binary search tree.
TH1DDraw1Dim (ECellValue cell_value, Int_t nbin, PDEFoamKernelBase *kernel=nullptr)
 Draws 1-dimensional foam (= histogram)
void FillBinarySearchTree (const Event *ev)
 Insert event to internal foam's density estimator PDEFoamDensityBase.
virtual void Finalize ()
virtual Float_t GetCellValue (const PDEFoamCell *cell, ECellValue cv)
 Returns the cell value of 'cell' corresponding to the given option 'cv'.
virtual std::vector< Float_tGetCellValue (const std::map< Int_t, Float_t > &xvec, ECellValue cv)
 This function finds all cells, which corresponds to the given (incomplete) untransformed event vector 'xvec' and returns the cell values, according to the parameter 'cv'.
virtual Float_t GetCellValue (const std::vector< Float_t > &xvec, ECellValue cv, PDEFoamKernelBase *)
 This function finds the cell, which corresponds to the given untransformed event vector 'xvec' and return its value, which is given by the parameter 'cv'.
TString GetFoamName () const
UInt_t GetMaxDepth () const
UInt_t GetNActiveCells () const
UInt_t GetNCells () const
UInt_t GetNInActiveCells () const
UInt_t GetNmin ()
PDEFoamCellGetRootCell () const
Int_t GetTotDim () const
TObjStringGetVariableName (Int_t idx)
Double_t GetXmax (Int_t idim) const
Double_t GetXmin (Int_t idim) const
void Initialize ()
MsgLoggerLog () const
void PrintCell (Long_t iCell=0)
 Prints geometry of and elements of 'iCell', as well as relations to parent and daughter cells.
void PrintCells ()
 Prints geometry of ALL cells of the FOAM.
virtual TH2DProject2 (Int_t idim1, Int_t idim2, ECellValue cell_value=kValue, PDEFoamKernelBase *kernel=nullptr, UInt_t nbin=50)
 Project foam variable idim1 and variable idim2 to histogram.
void ResetCellElements ()
 Remove the cell elements from all cells.
void RootPlot2dim (const TString &filename, TString opt, Bool_t createCanvas=kTRUE, Bool_t colors=kTRUE)
 Debugging tool which plots the cells of a 2-dimensional PDEFoam as rectangles in C++ format readable for ROOT.
void SetDensity (PDEFoamDensityBase *dens)
void SetDim (Int_t kDim)
 Sets dimension of cubical space.
void SetEvPerBin (Int_t EvPerBin)
void SetInhiDiv (Int_t, Int_t)
 This can be called before Create, after setting kDim It defines which variables are excluded in the process of the cell division.
void SetMaxDepth (UInt_t maxdepth)
void SetnBin (Int_t nBin)
void SetnCells (Long_t nCells)
void SetNmin (UInt_t val)
void SetnSampl (Long_t nSampl)
void SetXmax (Int_t idim, Double_t wmax)
 set upper foam bound in dimension idim
void SetXmin (Int_t idim, Double_t wmin)
 set lower foam bound in dimension idim
void StreamerNVirtual (TBuffer &ClassDef_StreamerNVirtual_b)
std::vector< Float_tVarTransform (const std::vector< Float_t > &invec) const
Float_t VarTransform (Int_t idim, Float_t x) const
std::vector< Float_tVarTransformInvers (const std::vector< Float_t > &invec) const
Float_t VarTransformInvers (Int_t idim, Float_t x) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TObject
 TObject ()
 TObject constructor.
 TObject (const TObject &object)
 TObject copy ctor.
virtual ~TObject ()
 TObject destructor.
void AbstractMethod (const char *method) const
 Use this method to implement an "abstract" method that you don't want to leave purely abstract.
virtual void AppendPad (Option_t *option="")
 Append graphics object to current pad.
virtual void Browse (TBrowser *b)
 Browse object. May be overridden for another default action.
ULong_t CheckedHash ()
 Check and record whether this class has a consistent Hash/RecursiveRemove setup (*) and then return the regular Hash value for this object.
virtual const char * ClassName () const
 Returns name of class to which the object belongs.
virtual void Clear (Option_t *="")
virtual TObjectClone (const char *newname="") const
 Make a clone of an object using the Streamer facility.
virtual Int_t Compare (const TObject *obj) const
 Compare abstract method.
virtual void Copy (TObject &object) const
 Copy this to obj.
virtual void Delete (Option_t *option="")
 Delete this object.
virtual Int_t DistancetoPrimitive (Int_t px, Int_t py)
 Computes distance from point (px,py) to the object.
virtual void Draw (Option_t *option="")
 Default Draw method for all objects.
virtual void DrawClass () const
 Draw class inheritance tree of the class to which this object belongs.
virtual TObjectDrawClone (Option_t *option="") const
 Draw a clone of this object in the current selected pad with: gROOT->SetSelectedPad(c1).
virtual void Dump () const
 Dump contents of object on stdout.
virtual void Error (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
 Issue error message.
virtual void Execute (const char *method, const char *params, Int_t *error=nullptr)
 Execute method on this object with the given parameter string, e.g.
virtual void Execute (TMethod *method, TObjArray *params, Int_t *error=nullptr)
 Execute method on this object with parameters stored in the TObjArray.
virtual void ExecuteEvent (Int_t event, Int_t px, Int_t py)
 Execute action corresponding to an event at (px,py).
virtual void Fatal (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
 Issue fatal error message.
virtual TObjectFindObject (const char *name) const
 Must be redefined in derived classes.
virtual TObjectFindObject (const TObject *obj) const
 Must be redefined in derived classes.
virtual Option_tGetDrawOption () const
 Get option used by the graphics system to draw this object.
virtual const char * GetIconName () const
 Returns mime type name of object.
virtual const char * GetName () const
 Returns name of object.
virtual char * GetObjectInfo (Int_t px, Int_t py) const
 Returns string containing info about the object at position (px,py).
virtual Option_tGetOption () const
virtual const char * GetTitle () const
 Returns title of object.
virtual UInt_t GetUniqueID () const
 Return the unique object id.
virtual Bool_t HandleTimer (TTimer *timer)
 Execute action in response of a timer timing out.
virtual ULong_t Hash () const
 Return hash value for this object.
Bool_t HasInconsistentHash () const
 Return true is the type of this object is known to have an inconsistent setup for Hash and RecursiveRemove (i.e.
virtual void Info (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
 Issue info message.
virtual Bool_t InheritsFrom (const char *classname) const
 Returns kTRUE if object inherits from class "classname".
virtual Bool_t InheritsFrom (const TClass *cl) const
 Returns kTRUE if object inherits from TClass cl.
virtual void Inspect () const
 Dump contents of this object in a graphics canvas.
void InvertBit (UInt_t f)
Bool_t IsDestructed () const
virtual Bool_t IsEqual (const TObject *obj) const
 Default equal comparison (objects are equal if they have the same address in memory).
virtual Bool_t IsFolder () const
 Returns kTRUE in case object contains browsable objects (like containers or lists of other objects).
R__ALWAYS_INLINE Bool_t IsOnHeap () const
virtual Bool_t IsSortable () const
R__ALWAYS_INLINE Bool_t IsZombie () const
virtual void ls (Option_t *option="") const
 The ls function lists the contents of a class on stdout.
void MayNotUse (const char *method) const
 Use this method to signal that a method (defined in a base class) may not be called in a derived class (in principle against good design since a child class should not provide less functionality than its parent, however, sometimes it is necessary).
virtual Bool_t Notify ()
 This method must be overridden to handle object notification (the base implementation is no-op).
void Obsolete (const char *method, const char *asOfVers, const char *removedFromVers) const
 Use this method to declare a method obsolete.
void operator delete (void *ptr)
 Operator delete.
void operator delete (void *ptr, void *vp)
 Only called by placement new when throwing an exception.
void operator delete[] (void *ptr)
 Operator delete [].
void operator delete[] (void *ptr, void *vp)
 Only called by placement new[] when throwing an exception.
void * operator new (size_t sz)
void * operator new (size_t sz, void *vp)
void * operator new[] (size_t sz)
void * operator new[] (size_t sz, void *vp)
TObjectoperator= (const TObject &rhs)
 TObject assignment operator.
virtual void Paint (Option_t *option="")
 This method must be overridden if a class wants to paint itself.
virtual void Pop ()
 Pop on object drawn in a pad to the top of the display list.
virtual void Print (Option_t *option="") const
 This method must be overridden when a class wants to print itself.
virtual Int_t Read (const char *name)
 Read contents of object with specified name from the current directory.
virtual void RecursiveRemove (TObject *obj)
 Recursively remove this object from a list.
void ResetBit (UInt_t f)
virtual void SaveAs (const char *filename="", Option_t *option="") const
 Save this object in the file specified by filename.
virtual void SavePrimitive (std::ostream &out, Option_t *option="")
 Save a primitive as a C++ statement(s) on output stream "out".
void SetBit (UInt_t f)
void SetBit (UInt_t f, Bool_t set)
 Set or unset the user status bits as specified in f.
virtual void SetDrawOption (Option_t *option="")
 Set drawing option for object.
virtual void SetUniqueID (UInt_t uid)
 Set the unique object id.
void StreamerNVirtual (TBuffer &ClassDef_StreamerNVirtual_b)
virtual void SysError (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
 Issue system error message.
R__ALWAYS_INLINE Bool_t TestBit (UInt_t f) const
Int_t TestBits (UInt_t f) const
virtual void UseCurrentStyle ()
 Set current style settings in this object This function is called when either TCanvas::UseCurrentStyle or TROOT::ForceStyle have been invoked.
virtual void Warning (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
 Issue warning message.
virtual Int_t Write (const char *name=nullptr, Int_t option=0, Int_t bufsize=0)
 Write this object to the current directory.
virtual Int_t Write (const char *name=nullptr, Int_t option=0, Int_t bufsize=0) const
 Write this object to the current directory.

Static Public Member Functions

static TClassClass ()
static const char * Class_Name ()
static constexpr Version_t Class_Version ()
static const char * DeclFileName ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TMVA::PDEFoam
static TClassClass ()
static const char * Class_Name ()
static constexpr Version_t Class_Version ()
static const char * DeclFileName ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TObject
static TClassClass ()
static const char * Class_Name ()
static constexpr Version_t Class_Version ()
static const char * DeclFileName ()
static Longptr_t GetDtorOnly ()
 Return destructor only flag.
static Bool_t GetObjectStat ()
 Get status of object stat flag.
static void SetDtorOnly (void *obj)
 Set destructor only flag.
static void SetObjectStat (Bool_t stat)
 Turn on/off tracking of objects in the TObjectTable.

Protected Member Functions

 PDEFoamEvent (const PDEFoamEvent &)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TMVA::PDEFoam
 PDEFoam (const PDEFoam &)
Int_t CellFill (Int_t, PDEFoamCell *)
 Internal subprogram used by Create.
virtual Bool_t CellValueIsUndefined (PDEFoamCell *)
 Returns true, if the value of the given cell is undefined.
Int_t Divide (PDEFoamCell *)
 Internal subprogram used by Create.
Double_t Eval (Double_t *xRand, Double_t &event_density)
 Internal subprogram.
virtual void Explore (PDEFoamCell *Cell)
 Internal subprogram used by Create.
PDEFoamCellFindCell (const std::vector< Float_t > &) const
 Find cell that contains 'xvec' (in foam coordinates [0,1]).
std::vector< TMVA::PDEFoamCell * > FindCells (const std::map< Int_t, Float_t > &) const
 Find all cells, that contain the coordinates specified in txvec.
void FindCells (const std::map< Int_t, Float_t > &, PDEFoamCell *, std::vector< PDEFoamCell * > &) const
 This is a helper function for std::vector<PDEFoamCell*> FindCells(...) and a generalisation of PDEFoamCell* FindCell().
std::vector< TMVA::PDEFoamCell * > FindCells (const std::vector< Float_t > &) const
 Find all cells, that contain txvec.
Double_t GetCellElement (const PDEFoamCell *cell, UInt_t i) const
 Returns cell element i of cell 'cell'.
PDEFoamDensityBaseGetDistr () const
void Grow ()
 Internal subprogram used by Create.
void InitCells ()
 Internal subprogram used by Create.
void MakeAlpha ()
 Internal subprogram used by Create.
void OutputGrow (Bool_t finished=false)
 Overridden function of PDEFoam to avoid native foam output.
Long_t PeekMax ()
 Internal subprogram used by Create.
void SetCellElement (PDEFoamCell *cell, UInt_t i, Double_t value)
 Set cell element i of cell to value.
template<typename T >
Sqr (T x) const
void Varedu (Double_t[5], Int_t &, Double_t &, Double_t &)
 Internal subprogram used by Create.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TObject
virtual void DoError (int level, const char *location, const char *fmt, va_list va) const
 Interface to ErrorHandler (protected).
void MakeZombie ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TObject
enum  {
  kIsOnHeap = 0x01000000 , kNotDeleted = 0x02000000 , kZombie = 0x04000000 , kInconsistent = 0x08000000 ,
  kBitMask = 0x00ffffff
enum  { kSingleKey = (1ULL << ( 0 )) , kOverwrite = (1ULL << ( 1 )) , kWriteDelete = (1ULL << ( 2 )) }
enum  EDeprecatedStatusBits { kObjInCanvas = (1ULL << ( 3 )) }
enum  EStatusBits {
  kCanDelete = (1ULL << ( 0 )) , kMustCleanup = (1ULL << ( 3 )) , kIsReferenced = (1ULL << ( 4 )) , kHasUUID = (1ULL << ( 5 )) ,
  kCannotPick = (1ULL << ( 6 )) , kNoContextMenu = (1ULL << ( 8 )) , kInvalidObject = (1ULL << ( 13 ))
- Protected Types inherited from TObject
enum  { kOnlyPrepStep = (1ULL << ( 3 )) }
- Protected Attributes inherited from TMVA::PDEFoam
 [fDim] Internal parameters of the hyperrectangle
PDEFoamCell ** fCells
 [fNCells] Array of ALL cells
Int_t fDim
 Dimension of the integration/simulation space.
 ! distribution of training events
EDTSeparation fDTSeparation
 BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY: split cells according to decision tree logic.
Int_t fEvPerBin
 Maximum number of effective (wt=1) events per bin.
Bool_t fFillFoamWithOrigWeights
 BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY: fill the foam with boost or orig. weights.
EFoamType fFoamType
 Histograms of wt, one for each cell edge.
 ! [fDim] Flags for inhibiting cell division
Int_t fLastCe
 Index of the last cell.
 ! message logger
 ! [fDim] Dynamic Mask for cell division
UInt_t fMaxDepth
 maximum depth of cell tree
TString fName
 Name of a given instance of the FOAM class.
Int_t fNBin
 No. of bins in the edge histogram for cell MC exploration.
Int_t fNCells
 Maximum number of cells.
UInt_t fNElements
 BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY: number of variables in every cell.
UInt_t fNmin
 minimal number of events in cell to split cell
Int_t fNoAct
 Number of active cells.
Int_t fNSampl
 No. of MC events, when dividing (exploring) cell.
Bool_t fPeekMax
 BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY: peek up cell with max. driver integral for split.
 Pointer to user-defined generator of pseudorandom numbers.
 [fDim] random number vector from r.n. generator fDim+1 maximum elements
 ! timer for graphical output
 collection of all variable names
Float_t fVolFrac
 BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY: volume fraction (with respect to total phase space.
 [fDim] maximum for variable transform
 [fDim] minimum for variable transform

#include <TMVA/PDEFoamEvent.h>

Inheritance diagram for TMVA::PDEFoamEvent:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PDEFoamEvent() [1/3]

TMVA::PDEFoamEvent::PDEFoamEvent ( const PDEFoamEvent from)


Definition at line 72 of file PDEFoamEvent.cxx.

◆ PDEFoamEvent() [2/3]

TMVA::PDEFoamEvent::PDEFoamEvent ( )

Default constructor for streamer, user should not use it.

Definition at line 58 of file PDEFoamEvent.cxx.

◆ PDEFoamEvent() [3/3]

TMVA::PDEFoamEvent::PDEFoamEvent ( const TString name)

Definition at line 65 of file PDEFoamEvent.cxx.

◆ ~PDEFoamEvent()

virtual TMVA::PDEFoamEvent::~PDEFoamEvent ( )

Definition at line 49 of file PDEFoamEvent.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Class()

static TClass * TMVA::PDEFoamEvent::Class ( )
TClass describing this class

◆ Class_Name()

static const char * TMVA::PDEFoamEvent::Class_Name ( )
Name of this class

◆ Class_Version()

static constexpr Version_t TMVA::PDEFoamEvent::Class_Version ( )
Version of this class

Definition at line 55 of file PDEFoamEvent.h.

◆ DeclFileName()

static const char * TMVA::PDEFoamEvent::DeclFileName ( )
Name of the file containing the class declaration

Definition at line 55 of file PDEFoamEvent.h.

◆ FillFoamCells()

void TMVA::PDEFoamEvent::FillFoamCells ( const Event ev,
Float_t  wt 

This function fills an event weight 'wt' into the PDEFoam.

Cell element 0 is filled with the weight 'wt', and element 1 is filled with the squared weight.

Reimplemented from TMVA::PDEFoam.

Definition at line 83 of file PDEFoamEvent.cxx.

◆ IsA()

virtual TClass * TMVA::PDEFoamEvent::IsA ( ) const
TClass describing current object

Reimplemented from TMVA::PDEFoam.

Reimplemented in TMVA::PDEFoamMultiTarget.

Definition at line 55 of file PDEFoamEvent.h.

◆ Streamer()

virtual void TMVA::PDEFoamEvent::Streamer ( TBuffer R__b)

Stream an object of class TObject.

Reimplemented from TMVA::PDEFoam.

Reimplemented in TMVA::PDEFoamMultiTarget.

◆ StreamerNVirtual()

void TMVA::PDEFoamEvent::StreamerNVirtual ( TBuffer ClassDef_StreamerNVirtual_b)

Definition at line 55 of file PDEFoamEvent.h.

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