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TMVA::Experimental::BranchlessForest< T > Struct Template Reference

template<typename T>
struct TMVA::Experimental::BranchlessForest< T >

Forest using branchless trees.

Template Parameters
TValue type for the computation (usually floating point type)

Definition at line 100 of file Forest.hxx.

Public Member Functions

void Load (const std::string &key, const std::string &filename, const int output=0, const bool sortTrees=true)
 Load parameters from a ROOT file to the branchless trees.

#include <TMVA/TreeInference/Forest.hxx>

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Member Function Documentation

◆ Load()

template<typename T >
void TMVA::Experimental::BranchlessForest< T >::Load ( const std::string &  key,
const std::string &  filename,
const int  output = 0,
const bool  sortTrees = true 

Load parameters from a ROOT file to the branchless trees.

[in]keyName of folder in the ROOT file containing the model parameters
[in]filenameFilename of the ROOT file
[in]outputLoad trees corresponding to the given output node of the forest
[in]sortTreesFlag to indicate sorting the input trees by the cut value of the first node of each tree

Definition at line 112 of file Forest.hxx.

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