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TGenPhaseSpace.cxx File Reference
#include "TGenPhaseSpace.h"
#include "TRandom.h"
#include "TMath.h"
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 ClassImp (TGenPhaseSpace)
Int_t DoubleMax (const void *a, const void *b)
 Special max function. More...


const Int_t kMAXP = 18

Function Documentation

◆ ClassImp()

ClassImp ( TGenPhaseSpace  )

◆ DoubleMax()

Int_t DoubleMax ( const void *  a,
const void *  b 

Special max function.

Definition at line 44 of file TGenPhaseSpace.cxx.

Variable Documentation


const Int_t kMAXP = 18

Definition at line 27 of file TGenPhaseSpace.cxx.