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RooHelpers.cxx File Reference
#include <RooHelpers.h>
#include <RooAbsCategory.h>
#include <RooAbsData.h>
#include <RooAbsPdf.h>
#include <RooAbsRealLValue.h>
#include <RooArgList.h>
#include <RooDataHist.h>
#include <RooDataSet.h>
#include <RooSimultaneous.h>
#include <RooProdPdf.h>
#include <RooRealSumPdf.h>
#include <ROOT/StringUtils.hxx>
#include <TClass.h>
#include <unordered_map>
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namespace  RooHelpers
namespace  RooHelpers::Detail


bool RooHelpers::checkIfRangesOverlap (RooArgSet const &observables, std::vector< std::string > const &rangeNames)
 Check if there is any overlap when a list of ranges is applied to a set of observables.
void RooHelpers::checkRangeOfParameters (const RooAbsReal *callingClass, std::initializer_list< const RooAbsReal * > pars, double min=-std::numeric_limits< double >::max(), double max=std::numeric_limits< double >::max(), bool limitsInAllowedRange=false, std::string const &extraMessage="")
 Check if the parameters have a range, and warn if the range extends below / above the set limits.
RooAbsArgRooHelpers::Detail::cloneTreeWithSameParametersImpl (RooAbsArg const &arg, RooArgSet const *observables)
BinnedLOutput RooHelpers::getBinnedL (RooAbsPdf const &pdf)
std::string RooHelpers::getColonSeparatedNameString (RooArgSet const &argSet, char delim)
 Create a string with all sorted names of RooArgSet elements separated by delimiters.
std::string RooHelpers::getRangeNameForSimComponent (std::string const &rangeName, bool splitRange, std::string const &catName)
std::pair< double, doubleRooHelpers::getRangeOrBinningInterval (RooAbsArg const *arg, const char *rangeName)
 Get the lower and upper bound of parameter range if arg can be casted to RooAbsRealLValue.
void RooHelpers::getSortedComputationGraph (RooAbsArg const &func, RooArgSet &out)
 Get the topologically-sorted list of all nodes in the computation graph.
RooArgSet RooHelpers::selectFromArgSet (RooArgSet const &argSet, std::string const &names)
 Construct a RooArgSet of objects in a RooArgSet whose names match to those in the names string.
bool RooHelpers::Detail::snapshotImpl (RooAbsCollection const &input, RooAbsCollection &output, bool deepCopy, RooArgSet const *observables)
 Implementation of RooAbsCollection::snapshot() with some extra parameters.