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RooGlobalFunc.h File Reference
#include "RooCmdArg.h"
#include "RooLinkedList.h"
#include "RooArgSet.h"
#include "ROOT/RConfig.hxx"
#include <map>
#include <string>
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class  RooFit::EvalBackend


namespace  RooFit
 The namespace RooFit contains mostly switches that change the behaviour of functions of PDFs (or other types of arguments).
namespace  RooFit::Detail
namespace  RooFit::Experimental
namespace  RooFitShortHand


enum  RooFit::MPSplit { RooFit::BulkPartition =0 , RooFit::Interleave =1 , RooFit::SimComponents =2 , RooFit::Hybrid =3 }
enum  RooFit::MsgLevel {
  RooFit::DEBUG =0 , RooFit::INFO =1 , RooFit::PROGRESS =2 , RooFit::WARNING =3 ,
  RooFit::ERROR =4 , RooFit::FATAL =5
 Verbosity level for RooMsgService::StreamConfig in RooMsgService. More...
enum  RooFit::MsgTopic {
  RooFit::Generation =1 , RooFit::Minimization =2 , RooFit::Plotting =4 , RooFit::Fitting =8 ,
  RooFit::Integration =16 , RooFit::LinkStateMgmt =32 , RooFit::Eval =64 , RooFit::Caching =128 ,
  RooFit::Optimization =256 , RooFit::ObjectHandling =512 , RooFit::InputArguments =1024 , RooFit::Tracing =2048 ,
  RooFit::Contents =4096 , RooFit::DataHandling =8192 , RooFit::NumIntegration =16384 , RooFit::FastEvaluations =1<<15 ,
  RooFit::HistFactory =1<<16 , RooFit::IO =1<<17
 Topics for a RooMsgService::StreamConfig in RooMsgService. More...
enum class  RooFit::OffsetMode { RooFit::None , RooFit::Initial , RooFit::Bin }
 For setting the offset mode with the Offset() command argument to RooAbsPdf::fitTo() More...


RooCmdArg RooFit::AddTo (const char *name, double wgtSel=1.0, double wgtOther=1.0)
RooCmdArg RooFit::AllBinned ()
RooCmdArg RooFit::Asimov (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Asymmetry (const RooCategory &cat)
RooCmdArg RooFit::AsymptoticError (bool flag)
RooCmdArg RooFit::AutoBinned (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::AutoBinning (Int_t nbins=100, double marginFactor=0.1)
RooCmdArg RooFit::AutoPrecision (Int_t ndigit=2)
RooCmdArg RooFit::AutoRange (const RooAbsData &data, double marginFactor=0.1)
RooCmdArg RooFit::AutoSymBinning (Int_t nbins=100, double marginFactor=0.1)
RooCmdArg RooFit::AutoSymRange (const RooAbsData &data, double marginFactor=0.1)
RooCmdArg RooFit::AxisLabel (const char *name)
RooCmdArg RooFit::BaseClassName (const char *name)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Binned (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Binning (const char *binningName)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Binning (const RooAbsBinning &binning)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Binning (int nBins, double xlo=0.0, double xhi=0.0)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Bins (Int_t nbin)
RooConstVarRooFitShortHand::C (double value)
RooCmdArg RooFit::ClassName (const char *name)
RooCmdArg RooFit::CloneData (bool flag)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Color (Color_t color)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Columns (Int_t ncol)
template<class... Args_t>
RooCmdArg RooFit::Components (Args_t &&... argsOrArgSet)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Components (const char *compSpec)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Conditional (const RooArgSet &pdfSet, const RooArgSet &depSet, bool depsAreCond=false)
template<class... Args_t>
RooCmdArg RooFit::ConditionalObservables (Args_t &&... argsOrArgSet)
 Create a RooCmdArg to declare conditional observables.
RooCmdArg RooFit::Constrain (const RooArgSet &params)
std::unique_ptr< RooLinkedListRooFit::Detail::createCmdList ()
template<typename... Args>
std::unique_ptr< RooLinkedListRooFit::Detail::createCmdList (RooCmdArg const *arg1, Args &&...args)
std::unique_ptr< RooLinkedListRooFit::Detail::createCmdList (RooLinkedList const *cmdList)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Cut (const char *cutSpec)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Cut (const RooFormulaVar &cutVar)
RooCmdArg RooFit::CutRange (const char *rangeName)
RooCmdArg RooFit::DataError (Int_t)
RooCmdArg RooFit::DrawOption (const char *opt)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Efficiency (const RooCategory &cat)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Embedded (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::EvalErrorValue (double value)
RooCmdArg RooFit::EvalErrorWall (bool flag)
RooCmdArg RooFit::EventRange (Int_t nStart, Int_t nStop)
RooCmdArg RooFit::ExpectedData (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Extended (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::ExternalConstraints (const RooArgSet &constraintPdfs)
RooCmdArg RooFit::FillColor (Color_t color)
RooCmdArg RooFit::FillStyle (Style_t style)
RooCmdArg RooFit::FitGauss (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::FitModel (RooAbsPdf &pdf)
RooCmdArg RooFit::FitOptions (const RooCmdArg &arg1, const RooCmdArg &arg2={}, const RooCmdArg &arg3={}, const RooCmdArg &arg4={}, const RooCmdArg &arg5={}, const RooCmdArg &arg6={})
RooCmdArg RooFit::FixedPrecision (Int_t ndigit=2)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Format (const char *what, const RooCmdArg &arg1={}, const RooCmdArg &arg2={}, const RooCmdArg &arg3={}, const RooCmdArg &arg4={}, const RooCmdArg &arg5={}, const RooCmdArg &arg6={}, const RooCmdArg &arg7={}, const RooCmdArg &arg8={})
RooCmdArg RooFit::Frame (const RooCmdArg &arg1, const RooCmdArg &arg2={}, const RooCmdArg &arg3={}, const RooCmdArg &arg4={}, const RooCmdArg &arg5={}, const RooCmdArg &arg6={})
RooCmdArg RooFit::FrameBins (Int_t nbins)
RooCmdArg RooFit::FrameRange (double xlo, double xhi)
RooCmdArg RooFit::GenBinned (const char *tag)
template<class... Args_t>
RooCmdArg RooFit::GlobalObservables (Args_t &&... argsOrArgSet)
RooCmdArg RooFit::GlobalObservablesSource (const char *sourceName)
RooCmdArg RooFit::GlobalObservablesTag (const char *tagName)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Hesse (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Import (const char *state, RooAbsData &data)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Import (const char *state, RooDataHist &dhist)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Import (const char *state, TH1 &histo)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Import (const std::map< std::string, RooDataHist * > &)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Import (const std::map< std::string, RooDataSet * > &)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Import (const std::map< std::string, TH1 * > &)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Import (RooAbsData &data)
template<class DataPtr_t >
RooCmdArg RooFit::Import (std::map< std::string, DataPtr_t > const &map)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Import (TH1 &histo, bool importDensity=false)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Import (TTree &tree)
RooCmdArg RooFit::ImportFromFile (const char *fname, const char *tname)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Index (RooCategory &icat)
RooCmdArg RooFit::InitialHesse (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Integrate (bool flag)
RooCmdArg RooFit::IntegrateBins (double precision)
 Integrate the PDF over bins.
RooCmdArg RooFit::IntegratedObservables (const RooArgSet &intObs)
RooCmdArg RooFit::IntrinsicBinning (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Invisible (bool inv=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Label (const char *str)
RooCmdArg RooFit::LatexStyle (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::LatexTableStyle (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Layout (double xmin, double xmax=0.99, double ymin=0.95)
RooCmdArg RooFit::LineColor (Color_t color)
RooCmdArg RooFit::LineStyle (Style_t style)
RooCmdArg RooFit::LineWidth (Width_t width)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Link (const char *state, RooAbsData &data)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Link (const std::map< std::string, RooAbsData * > &)
RooCmdArg RooFit::MarkerColor (Color_t color)
RooCmdArg RooFit::MarkerSize (Size_t size)
RooCmdArg RooFit::MarkerStyle (Style_t style)
RooCmdArg RooFit::MaxCalls (int n)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Minimizer (const char *type, const char *alg=nullptr)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Minos (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Minos (const RooArgSet &minosArgs)
RooCmdArg RooFit::ModularL (bool flag=false)
RooCmdArg RooFit::MoveToBack ()
RooCmdArg RooFit::MultiArg (const RooCmdArg &arg1, const RooCmdArg &arg2, const RooCmdArg &arg3={}, const RooCmdArg &arg4={}, const RooCmdArg &arg5={}, const RooCmdArg &arg6={}, const RooCmdArg &arg7={}, const RooCmdArg &arg8={})
RooCmdArg RooFit::Name (const char *name)
RooCmdArg RooFit::NoRecursion (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Normalization (double scaleFactor)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Normalization (double scaleFactor, Int_t scaleType)
RooCmdArg RooFit::NormRange (const char *rangeNameList)
template<class... Args_t>
RooCmdArg RooFit::NormSet (Args_t &&... argsOrArgSet)
RooCmdArg RooFit::NumCPU (Int_t nCPU, Int_t interleave=0)
RooCmdArg RooFit::NumEvents (double numEvents)
RooCmdArg RooFit::NumEvents (Int_t numEvents)
RooCmdArg RooFit::NumIntConfig (const RooNumIntConfig &cfg)
RooCmdArg RooFit::ObjectName (const char *name)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Offset (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Offset (const char *mode)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Offset (std::string const &mode)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Optimize (Int_t flag=2)
RooCmdArg RooFit::OutputFile (const char *fileName)
RooCmdArg RooFit::OutputStream (std::ostream &os)
RooCmdArg RooFit::OwnLinked ()
RooCmdArg RooFit::Experimental::ParallelDescentOptions (bool enable=false, int splitStrategy=0, int numSplits=4)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Experimental::ParallelGradientOptions (bool enable=true, int orderStrategy=0, int chainFactor=1)
 Configuration options for parallel minimization with multiprocessing library.
RooCmdArg RooFit::Parallelize (int nWorkers)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Parameters (const RooArgSet &params)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Precision (double prec)
RooCmdArg RooFit::PrefitDataFraction (double data_ratio=0.0)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Prefix (bool flag)
RooCmdArg RooFit::PrintEvalErrors (Int_t numErrors)
RooCmdArg RooFit::PrintLevel (Int_t code)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Project (const RooArgSet &projSet)
template<class... Args_t>
RooCmdArg RooFit::ProjectedObservables (Args_t &&... argsOrArgSet)
RooCmdArg RooFit::ProjectionRange (const char *rangeName)
RooCmdArg RooFit::ProjWData (const RooAbsData &projData, bool binData=false)
RooCmdArg RooFit::ProjWData (const RooArgSet &projSet, const RooAbsData &projData, bool binData=false)
RooCmdArg RooFit::ProtoData (const RooDataSet &protoData, bool randomizeOrder=false, bool resample=false)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Range (const char *rangeName, bool adjustNorm=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Range (double lo, double hi, bool adjustNorm=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::RecoverFromUndefinedRegions (double strength)
 When parameters are chosen such that a PDF is undefined, try to indicate to the minimiser how to leave this region.
RooCmdArg RooFit::RecycleConflictNodes (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::RefreshNorm ()
RooCmdArg RooFit::Rename (const char *suffix)
RooCmdArg RooFit::RenameAllNodes (const char *suffix)
RooCmdArg RooFit::RenameAllVariables (const char *suffix)
RooCmdArg RooFit::RenameAllVariablesExcept (const char *suffix, const char *exceptionList)
RooCmdArg RooFit::RenameConflictNodes (const char *suffix, bool renameOrigNodes=false)
RooCmdArg RooFit::RenameVariable (const char *inputName, const char *outputName)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Rescale (double factor)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Restrict (const char *catName, const char *stateNameList)
RooConstVarRooFit::RooConst (double val)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Save (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Scaling (bool flag)
RooCmdArg RooFit::ScanAllCdf ()
RooCmdArg RooFit::ScanNoCdf ()
RooCmdArg RooFit::ScanNumCdf ()
RooCmdArg RooFit::ScanParameters (Int_t nbins, Int_t intOrder)
RooCmdArg RooFit::SelectVars (const RooArgSet &vars)
RooCmdArg RooFit::ShiftToZero ()
RooCmdArg RooFit::ShowConstants (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::ShowProgress ()
RooCmdArg RooFit::Sibling (const RooAbsCollection &sibling)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Silence (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Slice (const RooArgSet &sliceSet)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Slice (RooCategory &cat, const char *label)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Slice (std::map< RooCategory *, std::string > const &)
RooCmdArg RooFit::SplitParam (const char *varname, const char *catname)
RooCmdArg RooFit::SplitParam (const RooRealVar &var, const RooAbsCategory &cat)
RooCmdArg RooFit::SplitParamConstrained (const char *varname, const char *catname, const char *rsname)
RooCmdArg RooFit::SplitParamConstrained (const RooRealVar &var, const RooAbsCategory &cat, const char *rsname)
RooCmdArg RooFit::SplitRange (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::StoreAsymError (const RooArgSet &aset)
RooCmdArg RooFit::StoreError (const RooArgSet &aset)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Strategy (Int_t code)
RooCmdArg RooFit::SumCoefRange (const char *rangeName)
RooCmdArg RooFit::SumW2Error (bool flag)
RooCmdArg RooFit::SupNormSet (const RooArgSet &nset)
RooCmdArg RooFit::TagName (const char *name)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Timer (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::TimingAnalysis (bool timingAnalysis)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Title (const char *name)
RooCmdArg RooFit::TLatexStyle (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Topic (Int_t topic)
RooCmdArg RooFit::VerbatimName (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Verbose (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::VisualizeError (const RooDataSet &paramData, double Z=1)
RooCmdArg RooFit::VisualizeError (const RooFitResult &fitres, const RooArgSet &param, double Z=1, bool linearMethod=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::VisualizeError (const RooFitResult &fitres, double Z=1, bool linearMethod=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::VLines ()
RooCmdArg RooFit::Warnings (bool flag=true)
RooCmdArg RooFit::Weight (double wgt)
RooCmdArg RooFit::WeightVar (const char *name="weight", bool reinterpretAsWeight=false)
RooCmdArg RooFit::WeightVar (const RooRealVar &arg, bool reinterpretAsWeight=false)
RooCmdArg RooFit::What (const char *str)
RooCmdArg RooFit::XErrorSize (double width)
RooCmdArg RooFit::YVar (const RooAbsRealLValue &var, const RooCmdArg &arg={})
RooCmdArg RooFit::ZVar (const RooAbsRealLValue &var, const RooCmdArg &arg={})