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class TQueryResultManager: public TObject


This class manages the query-result area.

Function Members (Methods)

voidTObject::AbstractMethod(const char* method) const
virtual voidTObject::AppendPad(Option_t* option = "")
Int_tApplyMaxQueries(Int_t mxq)
virtual voidTObject::Browse(TBrowser* b)
static TClass*Class()
virtual const char*TObject::ClassName() const
Int_tCleanupSession(const char* sessiontag)
virtual voidTObject::Clear(Option_t* = "")
virtual TObject*TObject::Clone(const char* newname = "") const
virtual Int_tTObject::Compare(const TObject* obj) const
virtual voidTObject::Copy(TObject& object) const
virtual voidTObject::Delete(Option_t* option = "")MENU
virtual Int_tTObject::DistancetoPrimitive(Int_t px, Int_t py)
virtual voidTObject::Draw(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTObject::DrawClass() constMENU
virtual TObject*TObject::DrawClone(Option_t* option = "") constMENU
Int_tDrawQueries() const
virtual voidTObject::Dump() constMENU
virtual voidTObject::Error(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual voidTObject::Execute(const char* method, const char* params, Int_t* error = 0)
virtual voidTObject::Execute(TMethod* method, TObjArray* params, Int_t* error = 0)
virtual voidTObject::ExecuteEvent(Int_t event, Int_t px, Int_t py)
virtual voidTObject::Fatal(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
Bool_tFinalizeQuery(TProofQueryResult* pq, TProof* proof, TVirtualProofPlayer* player)
virtual TObject*TObject::FindObject(const char* name) const
virtual TObject*TObject::FindObject(const TObject* obj) const
virtual Option_t*TObject::GetDrawOption() const
static Long_tTObject::GetDtorOnly()
virtual const char*TObject::GetIconName() const
virtual const char*TObject::GetName() const
virtual char*TObject::GetObjectInfo(Int_t px, Int_t py) const
static Bool_tTObject::GetObjectStat()
virtual Option_t*TObject::GetOption() const
virtual const char*TObject::GetTitle() const
virtual UInt_tTObject::GetUniqueID() const
virtual Bool_tTObject::HandleTimer(TTimer* timer)
virtual ULong_tTObject::Hash() const
virtual voidTObject::Info(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual Bool_tTObject::InheritsFrom(const char* classname) const
virtual Bool_tTObject::InheritsFrom(const TClass* cl) const
virtual voidTObject::Inspect() constMENU
voidTObject::InvertBit(UInt_t f)
virtual TClass*IsA() const
virtual Bool_tTObject::IsEqual(const TObject* obj) const
virtual Bool_tTObject::IsFolder() const
Bool_tTObject::IsOnHeap() const
virtual Bool_tTObject::IsSortable() const
Bool_tTObject::IsZombie() const
Int_tKeptQueries() const
TProofQueryResult*LocateQuery(TString queryref, Int_t& qry, TString& qdir)
Int_tLockSession(const char* sessiontag, TProofLockPath** lck)
virtual voidTObject::ls(Option_t* option = "") const
voidTObject::MayNotUse(const char* method) const
virtual Bool_tTObject::Notify()
voidTObject::Obsolete(const char* method, const char* asOfVers, const char* removedFromVers) const
voidTObject::operator delete(void* ptr)
voidTObject::operator delete(void* ptr, void* vp)
voidTObject::operator delete[](void* ptr)
voidTObject::operator delete[](void* ptr, void* vp)
void*TObject::operator new(size_t sz)
void*TObject::operator new(size_t sz, void* vp)
void*TObject::operator new[](size_t sz)
void*TObject::operator new[](size_t sz, void* vp)
TQueryResultManager&operator=(const TQueryResultManager&)
virtual voidTObject::Paint(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTObject::Pop()
TList*PreviousQueries() const
virtual voidTObject::Print(Option_t* option = "") const
TList*Queries() const
const char*QueryDir() const
virtual Int_tTObject::Read(const char* name)
virtual voidTObject::RecursiveRemove(TObject* obj)
voidRemoveQuery(TQueryResult* qr, Bool_t soft = kFALSE)
voidRemoveQuery(const char* queryref, TList* otherlist = 0)
voidTObject::ResetBit(UInt_t f)
virtual voidTObject::SaveAs(const char* filename = "", Option_t* option = "") constMENU
virtual voidTObject::SavePrimitive(ostream& out, Option_t* option = "")
voidSaveQuery(TProofQueryResult* qr, const char* fout = 0)
voidSaveQuery(TProofQueryResult* qr, Int_t mxq)
voidScanPreviousQueries(const char* dir)
Int_tSeqNum() const
voidTObject::SetBit(UInt_t f)
voidTObject::SetBit(UInt_t f, Bool_t set)
virtual voidTObject::SetDrawOption(Option_t* option = "")MENU
static voidTObject::SetDtorOnly(void* obj)
static voidTObject::SetObjectStat(Bool_t stat)
virtual voidTObject::SetUniqueID(UInt_t uid)
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp) const
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer&)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& ClassDef_StreamerNVirtual_b)
virtual voidTObject::SysError(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
Bool_tTObject::TestBit(UInt_t f) const
Int_tTObject::TestBits(UInt_t f) const
TQueryResultManager(const TQueryResultManager&)
TQueryResultManager(const char* qdir, const char* stag, const char* sdir, TProofLockPath* lck, FILE* logfile = 0)
virtual voidTObject::UseCurrentStyle()
virtual voidTObject::Warning(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual Int_tTObject::Write(const char* name = 0, Int_t option = 0, Int_t bufsize = 0)
virtual Int_tTObject::Write(const char* name = 0, Int_t option = 0, Int_t bufsize = 0) const
virtual voidTObject::DoError(int level, const char* location, const char* fmt, va_list va) const
voidAddLogFile(TProofQueryResult* pq)

Data Members

static TObject::(anonymous)TObject::kBitMask
static TObject::EStatusBitsTObject::kCanDelete
static TObject::EStatusBitsTObject::kCannotPick
static TObject::EStatusBitsTObject::kHasUUID
static TObject::EStatusBitsTObject::kInvalidObject
static TObject::(anonymous)TObject::kIsOnHeap
static TObject::EStatusBitsTObject::kIsReferenced
static TObject::EStatusBitsTObject::kMustCleanup
static TObject::EStatusBitsTObject::kNoContextMenu
static TObject::(anonymous)TObject::kNotDeleted
static TObject::EStatusBitsTObject::kObjInCanvas
static TObject::(anonymous)TObject::kOverwrite
static TObject::(anonymous)TObject::kSingleKey
static TObject::(anonymous)TObject::kWriteDelete
static TObject::(anonymous)TObject::kZombie
TStopwatchfComputemeasures time spend processing a query on the master
Int_tfDrawQueriesnumber of draw queries processed
Int_tfKeptQueriesnumber of queries fully in memory and in dir
TProofLockPath*fLockdir locker
FILE*fLogFilelog file
TList*fPreviousQuerieslist of TProofQueryResult objects from previous sections
TList*fQuerieslist of TProofQueryResult objects
TStringfQueryDirdirectory containing query results and status
Int_tfSeqNumsequential number of last processed query
TStringfSessionDirdirectory containing session dependent files
TStringfSessionTagtag for the session

Class Charts

Inheritance Chart:

Function documentation

TQueryResultManager(const char* qdir, const char* stag, const char* sdir, TProofLockPath* lck, FILE* logfile = 0)
 Cleanup. Not really necessary since after this dtor there is no
 live anyway.
void AddLogFile(TProofQueryResult* pq)
 Add part of log file concerning TQueryResult pq to its macro
Int_t CleanupQueriesDir()
 Remove all queries results referring to previous sessions
void ScanPreviousQueries(const char* dir)
 Scan the queries directory for the results of previous queries.
 The headers of the query results found are loaded in fPreviousQueries.
 The full query result can be retrieved via TProof::Retrieve.
Int_t ApplyMaxQueries(Int_t mxq)
 Scan the queries directory and remove the oldest ones (and relative dirs,
 if empty) in such a way only 'mxq' queries are kept.
 Return 0 on success, -1 in case of problems
Int_t LockSession(const char* sessiontag, TProofLockPath** lck)
 Try locking query area of session tagged sessiontag.
 The id of the locking file is returned in fid and must be
 unlocked via UnlockQueryFile(fid).
Int_t CleanupSession(const char* sessiontag)
 Cleanup query dir qdir.
void SaveQuery(TProofQueryResult* qr, const char* fout = 0)
 Save current status of query 'qr' to file name fout.
 If fout == 0 (default) use the default name.
void RemoveQuery(const char* queryref, TList* otherlist = 0)
 Remove everything about query queryref; if defined 'otherlist' will containe
 the list of removed pointers (already deleted)
void RemoveQuery(TQueryResult* qr, Bool_t soft = kFALSE)
 Remove everything about query qr. If soft = TRUE leave a track
 in memory with the relevant info
TProofQueryResult * LocateQuery(TString queryref, Int_t& qry, TString& qdir)
 Locate query referenced by queryref. Return pointer to instance
 in memory, if any, or 0. Fills qdir with the query specific directory
 and qry with the query number for queries processed by this session.
Bool_t FinalizeQuery(TProofQueryResult* pq, TProof* proof, TVirtualProofPlayer* player)
 Final steps after Process() to complete the TQueryResult instance.
void SaveQuery(TProofQueryResult* qr, Int_t mxq)
 Save current query honouring the max number of queries allowed
TQueryResultManager(const char* qdir, const char* stag, const char* sdir, TProofLockPath* lck, FILE* logfile = 0)
const char * QueryDir() const
{ return fQueryDir.Data(); }
Int_t SeqNum() const
{ return fSeqNum; }
Int_t DrawQueries() const
{ return fDrawQueries; }
Int_t KeptQueries() const
{ return fKeptQueries; }
TList * Queries() const
{ return fQueries; }
TList * PreviousQueries() const
{ return fPreviousQueries; }
void IncrementSeqNum()
{ fSeqNum++; }
void IncrementDrawQueries()
Float_t GetCpuTime()
{ return fCompute.CpuTime(); }
Float_t GetRealTime()
{ return fCompute.RealTime(); }
void ResetTime()