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class TQtMarker

 TQtMarker - class-utility to convert the ROOT TMarker object shape
             into the Qt QPointArray.

Function Members (Methods)

static TClass*Class()
voidDrawPolyMarker(QPainter& p, int n, TPoint* xy)
Color_tGetColor() const
const QPolygon&GetNodes() const
intGetNumber() const
intGetType() const
intGetWidth() const
virtual TClass*IsA() const
TQtMarker&operator=(const TQtMarker&)
TQtMarker&operator=(const TAttMarker&)
voidSetColor(Color_t mcolor)
voidSetMarker(int n, TPoint* xy, int type)
voidSetMarkerAttributes(const TAttMarker& markerAttributes)
voidSetPenAttributes(int type)
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp) const
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer&)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& ClassDef_StreamerNVirtual_b)
TQtMarker(const TQtMarker&)
TQtMarker(const TAttMarker&)
TQtMarker(int n = 0, TPoint* xy = 0, int type = 0)

Data Members

QPolygonfChainarray of the n chains to build a shaped marker
Color_tfCindexColor index of the marker;
intfLineOptionConnect the markers with the segments
intfLineWidthThe width of the line used to outline the markers
intfMarkerTypeType of the current marker
intfNumNodeNumber of chain in the marker shape

Class Charts

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Function documentation

TQtMarker(int n = 0, TPoint* xy = 0, int type = 0)
TQtMarker & operator=(const TAttMarker& )
 Assign the TQtMarker from ROOT TAttMarker
TQtMarker(const TAttMarker& )
 Create the TQtMarker from ROOT TAttMarker
void SetMarkerAttributes(const TAttMarker& markerAttributes)
 Map Qt marker  attributes to ROOT TAttMaker parameters
void SetPenAttributes(int type)
 Pen attrbutes is 100000*LineFlag + 1000*width + "marker style"
int GetNumber() const
{return fNumNode;}
const QPolygon & GetNodes() const
{return fChain;}
int GetType() const
{return fMarkerType;}
int GetWidth() const
{ return fLineWidth;}
void SetMarker(int n, TPoint* xy, int type)
*-* Did we have a chain ?
void DrawPolyMarker(QPainter& p, int n, TPoint* xy)
 Draw n markers with the current attributes at positions xy.
 p    : the external QPainter
 n    : number of markers to draw
 xy   : x,y coordinates of markers
TQtMarker & operator=(const TQtMarker& )
inline TQtMarker(const TQtMarker& )
void SetColor(Color_t mcolor)
{ fCindex = mcolor; }
Color_t GetColor() const
{ return fCindex; }