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class TMVA::LogInterval: public TMVA::Interval

Function Members (Methods)

static TClass*Class()
virtual Double_tGetElement(Int_t position) const
virtual Double_tGetMax() const
virtual Double_tGetMean() const
virtual Double_tGetMin() const
virtual Int_tGetNbins() const
virtual Double_tGetRndm(TRandom3&) const
virtual Double_tGetStepSize(Int_t iBin = 0) const
virtual Double_tGetWidth() const
TMVA::IntervalTMVA::Interval::Interval(const TMVA::Interval& other)
TMVA::IntervalTMVA::Interval::Interval(Double_t min, Double_t max, Int_t nbins = 0)
virtual TClass*IsA() const
TMVA::MsgLogger&Log() const
TMVA::LogIntervalLogInterval(const TMVA::LogInterval& other)
TMVA::LogIntervalLogInterval(Double_t min, Double_t max, Int_t nbins = 0)
TMVA::LogInterval&operator=(const TMVA::LogInterval&)
virtual voidTMVA::Interval::Print(ostream& os) const
voidSetMax(Double_t m)
voidSetMin(Double_t m)
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp) const
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer&)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& ClassDef_StreamerNVirtual_b)

Data Members

Double_tTMVA::Interval::fMaxthe constraints of the Interval
Double_tTMVA::Interval::fMinthe constraints of the Interval
Int_tTMVA::Interval::fNbinswhen >0 : number of bins (discrete interval); when ==0 continuous interval

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Function documentation

LogInterval(Double_t min, Double_t max, Int_t nbins = 0)
LogInterval(const TMVA::LogInterval& other)
Double_t GetElement(Int_t position) const
 calculates the value of the "number" bin in a discrete interval.
        Double_t position

Double_t GetStepSize(Int_t iBin = 0) const
 retuns the step size between the numbers of a "discrete LogInterval"
Double_t GetRndm(TRandom3& ) const
 get uniformely distributed number within interval
Double_t GetWidth() const
Double_t GetMean() const
TMVA::MsgLogger& Log() const
Double_t GetMin() const
{ return fMin; }
Double_t GetMax() const
{ return fMax; }
Int_t GetNbins() const
{ return fNbins; }
void SetMax(Double_t m)
{ fMax = m; }
void SetMin(Double_t m)
{ fMin = m; }