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class TMVA::BDTEventWrapper

Function Members (Methods)

static Int_t&GetVarIndex()

Data Members

Double_tfBkgWeightcumulative background weight for splitting
const TMVA::Event*fEventpointer to the event
Double_tfSigWeightsame for the signal weights

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Function documentation

BDTEventWrapper(const Event* e)
void SetCumulativeWeight(Bool_t type, Double_t weight)
 Set the accumulated weight, for sorted signal/background events

    * @param fType - true for signal, false for background
    * @param weight - the total weight

Double_t GetCumulativeWeight(Bool_t type) const
 Get the accumulated weight
Bool_t operator<(const TMVA::BDTEventWrapper& other) const
BDTEventWrapper( const Event* )
void SetVarIndex(Int_t iVar)
 Set the index of the variable to compare on

       * @param iVar - index of the variable in fEvent to use

{ if (iVar >= 0) GetVarIndex() = iVar; }
Double_t GetVal() const
 Return the value of variable fVarIndex for this event

       * @return value of variable fVarIndex for this event

{ return fEvent->GetValue(GetVarIndex()); }
const Event* operator*() const
{ return fEvent; }
Int_t& GetVarIndex()
 This is a workaround for OSx where static thread_local data members are
 not supported. The C++ solution would indeed be the following:
{TTHREAD_TLS(Int_t) fVarIndex(0); return fVarIndex;}