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class TBits::TReference


Container of bits

This class provides a simple container of bits.
Each bit can be set and tested via the functions SetBitNumber and
TestBitNumber.                                             .
The default value of all bits is kFALSE.
The size of the container is automatically extended when a bit
number is either set or tested.  To reduce the memory size of the
container use the Compact function, this will discard the memory
occupied by the upper bits that are 0.

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Function documentation

TBits::TReference& operator=(Bool_t val)
 For b[i] = val.
TBits::TReference& operator=(const TBits::TReference& rhs)
 For b[i] = b[__j].
Bool_t operator~() const
 Flips the bit.
TReference(TBits& bit, UInt_t pos)
{ }
{ }