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class FontAttributes_t

TGFont and TGFontPool

Encapsulate fonts used in the GUI system.
TGFontPool provides a pool of fonts.
TGTextLayout is used to keep track of string  measurement
information when  using the text layout facilities.
It can be displayed with respect to any origin.

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

const char*fFamilyFont family. The most important field.
Int_tfOverstrikeNon-zero for overstrike font.
Int_tfPointsizePointsize of font, 0 for default size, or negative number meaning pixel size.
Int_tfSlantSlant flag; see below for def'n.
Int_tfUnderlineNon-zero for underline font.
Int_tfWeightWeight flag; see below for def'n.

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Function documentation

{ }
FontAttributes_t(const FontAttributes_t& f)
{ }
FontAttributes_t& operator=(const FontAttributes_t& f)