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class TAttAxis

  Manages histogram axis attributes

Function Members (Methods)

TAttAxis(const TAttAxis&)
static TClass*Class()
voidCopy(TAttAxis& attaxis) const
virtual Color_tGetAxisColor() const
virtual Color_tGetLabelColor() const
virtual Style_tGetLabelFont() const
virtual Float_tGetLabelOffset() const
virtual Float_tGetLabelSize() const
virtual Int_tGetNdivisions() const
virtual Float_tGetTickLength() const
virtual Color_tGetTitleColor() const
virtual Style_tGetTitleFont() const
virtual Float_tGetTitleOffset() const
virtual Float_tGetTitleSize() const
virtual TClass*IsA() const
TAttAxis&operator=(const TAttAxis&)
virtual voidResetAttAxis(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidSaveAttributes(ostream& out, const char* name, const char* subname)
virtual voidSetAxisColor(Color_t color = 1, Float_t alpha = 1.)MENU
virtual voidSetLabelColor(Color_t color = 1, Float_t alpha = 1.)MENU
virtual voidSetLabelFont(Style_t font = 62)MENU
virtual voidSetLabelOffset(Float_t offset = 0.005)MENU
virtual voidSetLabelSize(Float_t size = 0.04)MENU
virtual voidSetNdivisions(Int_t n = 510, Bool_t optim = kTRUE)MENU
virtual voidSetNdivisions(Int_t n1, Int_t n2, Int_t n3, Bool_t optim = kTRUE)
virtual voidSetTickLength(Float_t length = 0.03)MENU
virtual voidSetTickSize(Float_t size = 0.03)
virtual voidSetTitleColor(Color_t color = 1)MENU
virtual voidSetTitleFont(Style_t font = 62)MENU
virtual voidSetTitleOffset(Float_t offset = 1)MENU
virtual voidSetTitleSize(Float_t size = 0.04)MENU
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector&)
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer&)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& ClassDef_StreamerNVirtual_b)

Data Members

Color_tfAxisColorcolor of the line axis
Color_tfLabelColorcolor of labels
Style_tfLabelFontfont for labels
Float_tfLabelOffsetoffset of labels
Float_tfLabelSizesize of labels
Int_tfNdivisionsNumber of divisions(10000*n3 + 100*n2 + n1)
Float_tfTickLengthlength of tick marks
Color_tfTitleColorcolor of axis title
Style_tfTitleFontfont for axis title
Float_tfTitleOffsetoffset of axis title
Float_tfTitleSizesize of axis title

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Function documentation

void Copy(TAttAxis& attaxis) const
 Copy of the object.
void ResetAttAxis(Option_t* option = "")
 Reset axis attributes
void SaveAttributes(ostream& out, const char* name, const char* subname)
 Save axis attributes as C++ statement(s) on output stream out
void SetAxisColor(Color_t color = 1, Float_t alpha = 1.)
 Set color of the line axis and tick marks
void SetLabelColor(Color_t color = 1, Float_t alpha = 1.)
 Set color of labels
void SetLabelFont(Style_t font = 62)
 Set labels' font.
void SetLabelOffset(Float_t offset = 0.005)
 Set distance between the axis and the labels
 The distance is expressed in per cent of the pad width
void SetLabelSize(Float_t size = 0.04)
 Set size of axis labels
 The size is expressed in per cent of the pad width
void SetNdivisions(Int_t n = 510, Bool_t optim = kTRUE)
 Set the number of divisions for this axis.

 if optim = kTRUE (default), the number of divisions will be
                   optimized around the specified value.
 if optim = kFALSE, or n < 0, the axis will be forced to use
                   exactly n divisions.

 n = n1 + 100*n2 + 10000*n3

 Where n1 is the number of primary divisions,
 n2 is the number of second order divisions and
 n3 is the number of third order divisions.

 e.g. 512 means 12 primary and 5 secondary divisions.

 If the number of divisions is "optimized" (see above) n1, n2, n3 are
 maximum values.
void SetNdivisions(Int_t n1, Int_t n2, Int_t n3, Bool_t optim = kTRUE)
see function above
void SetTickLength(Float_t length = 0.03)
 Set tick mark length
 The length is expressed in per cent of the pad width
void SetTitleOffset(Float_t offset = 1)
 Set distance between the axis and the axis title
 Offset is a correction factor with respect to the "standard" value.
 offset = 1  uses the default position that is computed in function
 of the label offset and size.
 offset = 1.2 will add 20 per cent more to the default offset.
void SetTitleSize(Float_t size = 0.04)
 Set size of axis title
 The size is expressed in per cent of the pad width
void SetTitleColor(Color_t color = 1)
 Set color of axis title
void SetTitleFont(Style_t font = 62)
 Set the title font.
void Streamer(TBuffer& )
 Stream an object of class TAttAxis.
Int_t GetNdivisions() const
{return fNdivisions;}
Color_t GetAxisColor() const
{return fAxisColor;}
Color_t GetLabelColor() const
{return fLabelColor;}
Style_t GetLabelFont() const
{return fLabelFont;}
Float_t GetLabelOffset() const
{return fLabelOffset;}
Float_t GetLabelSize() const
{return fLabelSize;}
Float_t GetTitleOffset() const
{return fTitleOffset;}
Float_t GetTitleSize() const
{return fTitleSize;}
Float_t GetTickLength() const
{return fTickLength;}
Color_t GetTitleColor() const
{return fTitleColor;}
Style_t GetTitleFont() const
{return fTitleFont;}
void SetTickSize(Float_t size = 0.03)