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class TArrayD: public TArray


Array of doubles (64 bits per element).

Function Members (Methods)

TArrayD(Int_t n)
TArrayD(const TArrayD& array)
TArrayD(Int_t n, const Double_t* array)
voidAddAt(Double_t c, Int_t i)
voidAdopt(Int_t n, Double_t* array)
Double_tAt(Int_t i) const
static TClass*Class()
voidCopy(TArrayD& array) const
const Double_t*GetArray() const
virtual Double_tGetAt(Int_t i) const
Int_tTArray::GetSize() const
Stat_tGetSum() const
virtual TClass*IsA() const
TArrayD&operator=(const TArrayD& rhs)
Double_t&operator[](Int_t i)
Double_toperator[](Int_t i) const
static TArray*TArray::ReadArray(TBuffer& b, const TClass* clReq)
voidReset(Double_t val)
virtual voidSet(Int_t n)
voidSet(Int_t n, const Double_t* array)
virtual voidSetAt(Double_t v, Int_t i)
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector&)
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer&)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& ClassDef_StreamerNVirtual_b)
static voidTArray::WriteArray(TBuffer& b, const TArray* a)
Bool_tTArray::BoundsOk(const char* where, Int_t at) const
Bool_tTArray::OutOfBoundsError(const char* where, Int_t i) const

Data Members

Double_t*fArray[fN] Array of fN doubles
Int_tTArray::fNNumber of array elements

Class Charts

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Function documentation

 Default TArrayD ctor.
TArrayD(Int_t n)
 Create TArrayD object and set array size to n doubles.
TArrayD(Int_t n, const Double_t* array)
 Create TArrayD object and initialize it with values of array.
TArrayD(const TArrayD& array)
 Copy constructor.
TArrayD & operator=(const TArrayD& rhs)
 TArrayD assignment operator.
 Delete TArrayD object.
void Adopt(Int_t n, Double_t* array)
 Adopt array arr into TArrayD, i.e. don't copy arr but use it directly
 in TArrayD. User may not delete arr, TArrayD dtor will do it.
void AddAt(Double_t c, Int_t i)
 Add double c at position i. Check for out of bounds.
void Set(Int_t n)
 Set size of this array to n doubles.
 A new array is created, the old contents copied to the new array,
 then the old array is deleted.
 This function should not be called if the array was declared via Adopt.
void Set(Int_t n, const Double_t* array)
 Set size of this array to n doubles and set the contents
 This function should not be called if the array was declared via Adopt.
void Streamer(TBuffer& )
 Stream a TArrayD object.
Double_t At(Int_t i) const
Double_t & operator[](Int_t i)
Double_t operator[](Int_t i) const
void Copy(TArrayD& array) const
const Double_t * GetArray() const
{ return fArray; }
Double_t * GetArray()
{ return fArray; }
Double_t GetAt(Int_t i) const
{ return At(i); }
Stat_t GetSum() const
{Stat_t sum=0; for (Int_t i=0;i<fN;i++) sum+=fArray[i]; return sum;}
void Reset()
{memset(fArray, 0, fN*sizeof(Double_t));}
void Reset(Double_t val)
{for (Int_t i=0;i<fN;i++) fArray[i] = val;}
void SetAt(Double_t v, Int_t i)
{ AddAt(v, i); }