Release 6.04/18 - 2016-06-22


Bug fix release. The list of improvements and fixes are in the release notes.

Release Notes

The release notes for this release can be found here.

Source distribution

Platform Files Size
source root_v6.04.18.source.tar.gz 95M

Binary distributions

Platform Files Size
CentOS Cern 7 gcc4.8 root_v6.04.18.Linux-centos7-x86_64-gcc4.8.tar.gz 160M
CentOS Cern 7 gcc4.9 root_v6.04.18.Linux-centos7-x86_64-gcc4.9.tar.gz 167M
Linux fedora20 gcc4.8 root_v6.04.18.Linux-fedora20-x86_64-gcc4.8.tar.gz 144M
Linux fedora21 gcc4.9 root_v6.04.18.Linux-fedora21-x86_64-gcc4.9.tar.gz 149M
Scientific Linux Cern 6 gcc4.8 root_v6.04.18.Linux-slc6-x86_64-gcc4.8.tar.gz 160M
Scientific Linux Cern 6 gcc4.9 root_v6.04.18.Linux-slc6-x86_64-gcc4.9.tar.gz 167M
Ubuntu 14 gcc4.8 root_v6.04.18.Linux-ubuntu14-x86_64-gcc4.8.tar.gz 148M
OsX 10.10 clang70 root_v6.04.18.macosx64-10.10-clang70.dmg 139M
OsX 10.10 clang70 root_v6.04.18.macosx64-10.10-clang70.tar.gz 140M
OsX 10.11 clang73 root_v6.04.18.macosx64-10.11-clang73.dmg 145M
OsX 10.11 clang73 root_v6.04.18.macosx64-10.11-clang73.tar.gz 146M

Installations in AFS and CVMFS

Standalone installations with minimal external dependencies are available at:


Example for setting up ROOT and the corresponding compiler from AFS

. /afs/
. /afs/


The entire ROOT source can be obtained from our public Git repository:

git clone

The release specific tag can be obtained using:

cd root
git checkout -b v6-04-18 v6-04-18