Release 5.34/00 - 2012-06-05

Release Notes

The release notes for this release can be found here.

Source distributions

Platform Files Size
root_v5.34.00 rc1.source root_v5.34.00-rc1.source.tar.gz 53M
source root_v5.34.00.source.tar.gz 54M

Binary distributions

Platform Files Size
root_v5.34.00 rc1.Linux slc5 gcc4.3 root_v5.34.00-rc1.Linux-slc5-gcc4.3.tar.gz 47M
root_v5.34.00 rc1.Linux slc5_amd64 gcc4.3 root_v5.34.00-rc1.Linux-slc5_amd64-gcc4.3.tar.gz 49M
root_v5.34.00 rc1.OsX 10.7 i386 root_v5.34.00-rc1.macosx64-10.7-i386.tar.gz 46M
root_v5.34.00 rc1.macosx106 i386 gcc 4.2 root_v5.34.00-rc1.macosx106-i386-gcc-4.2.tar.gz 42M
root_v5.34.00 rc1.macosx106 gcc 4.2 root_v5.34.00-rc1.macosx106-x86_64-gcc-4.2.tar.gz 44M
root_v5.34.00 rc1.Windows Visual Studio 10 (dbg) root_v5.34.00-rc1.win32.vc10.debug.tar.gz 147M
root_v5.34.00 rc1.Windows Visual Studio 10 root_v5.34.00-rc1.win32.vc10.tar.gz 58M
root_v5.34.00 rc1.Windows Visual Studio 90 (dbg) root_v5.34.00-rc1.win32.vc90.debug.tar.gz 142M
root_v5.34.00 rc1.Windows Visual Studio 90 root_v5.34.00-rc1.win32.vc90.tar.gz 56M
Linux slc5 gcc4.3 root_v5.34.00.Linux-slc5-gcc4.3.tar.gz 47M
Linux slc5_amd64 gcc4.3 root_v5.34.00.Linux-slc5_amd64-gcc4.3.tar.gz 49M
Scientific Linux Cern 6_amd64 gcc4.6 root_v5.34.00.Linux-slc6_amd64-gcc4.6.tar.gz 45M
OsX 10.7 i386 root_v5.34.00.macosx64-10.7-i386.tar.gz 46M
macosx106 i386 gcc 4.2 root_v5.34.00.macosx106-i386-gcc-4.2.tar.gz 42M
macosx106 gcc 4.2 root_v5.34.00.macosx106-x86_64-gcc-4.2.tar.gz 44M
Windows Visual Studio 10 (dbg) root_v5.34.00.win32.vc10.debug.tar.gz 150M
Windows Visual Studio 10 root_v5.34.00.win32.vc10.tar.gz 59M
Windows Visual Studio 90 (dbg) root_v5.34.00.win32.vc90.debug.tar.gz 145M
Windows Visual Studio 90 root_v5.34.00.win32.vc90.tar.gz 57M

Installations in AFS and CVMFS

Standalone installations with minimal external dependencies are available at:



Versions for many different platforms and compilers are available at: /afs/

To use ROOT directly from AFS:

. /afs/
. /afs/

Direct Git repository access

The entire ROOT source can be obtained from our public Git repository:

git clone

The release specific tag can be obtained using:

cd root
git tag -l
git checkout -b v5-34-00 v5-34-00