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pclient.C File Reference

Detailed Description

Client program to test parallel sockets.

To run this demo do the following:

  • Open two windows
  • Start ROOT in all two windows
  • Execute in the first window: .x pserv.C
  • Execute in the second window: .x pclient.C If you want to run the pserv.C on a different host, just change "localhost" in the TPSocket ctor below to the desired hostname.
void pclient(int niter = 100, int bsize = 500000, int nsocks = 5)
// Open connection to server
TPSocket *sock = new TPSocket("localhost", 9090, nsocks);
//TPSocket *sock = new TPSocket("pcroot2", 9090, nsocks);
char *buf = new char[bsize];
memset(buf, 65, bsize);
sock->Send(niter, bsize);
// send data to server
for (int i = 0; i < niter; i++) {
int ret = sock->SendRaw(buf, bsize);
if (ret < 0) {
printf("error sending\n");
delete sock;
delete [] buf;
Int_t Send(const TMessage &mess) override
Send a TMessage object.
Definition TPSocket.cxx:483
Int_t SendRaw(const void *buffer, Int_t length, ESendRecvOptions opt=kDefault) override
Send a raw buffer of specified length.
Definition TPSocket.cxx:545
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