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ROOT::RDF::Experimental Namespace Reference


class  ProgressBarAction
class  ProgressHelper
 RDF progress helper. More...
class  RDatasetSpec
 A dataset specification for RDataFrame. More...
class  RMetaData
 Class behaving as a heterogenuous dictionary to store dataset metadata. More...
class  RResultMap
class  RSample
 Class representing a sample (grouping of trees (and their fileglobs) and (optional) metadata) More...


using SnapshotPtr_t = ROOT::RDF::RResultPtr< ROOT::RDF::RInterface< ROOT::Detail::RDF::RLoopManager, void > >


void AddProgressBar (ROOT::RDataFrame df)
void AddProgressBar (ROOT::RDF::RNode df)
RDataFrame FromRNTuple (ROOT::Experimental::RNTuple *ntuple)
RDataFrame FromRNTuple (std::string_view ntupleName, std::string_view fileName)
ROOT::RDataFrame FromSpec (const std::string &jsonFile)
 Factory method to create an RDataFrame from a JSON specification file.
template<typename T >
RResultMap< T > VariationsFor (RResultPtr< T > resPtr)
 Produce all required systematic variations for the given result.
SnapshotPtr_t VariationsFor (SnapshotPtr_t resPtr)

Typedef Documentation

◆ SnapshotPtr_t

Function Documentation

◆ AddProgressBar() [1/2]

void ROOT::RDF::Experimental::AddProgressBar ( ROOT::RDataFrame  df)

Definition at line 376 of file RDFHelpers.cxx.

◆ AddProgressBar() [2/2]

void ROOT::RDF::Experimental::AddProgressBar ( ROOT::RDF::RNode  df)

Definition at line 367 of file RDFHelpers.cxx.

◆ FromRNTuple() [1/2]

ROOT::RDataFrame ROOT::RDF::Experimental::FromRNTuple ( ROOT::Experimental::RNTuple ntuple)

Definition at line 364 of file RNTupleDS.cxx.

◆ FromRNTuple() [2/2]

ROOT::RDataFrame ROOT::RDF::Experimental::FromRNTuple ( std::string_view  ntupleName,
std::string_view  fileName 

Definition at line 357 of file RNTupleDS.cxx.

◆ FromSpec()

ROOT::RDataFrame ROOT::RDF::Experimental::FromSpec ( const std::string &  jsonFile)

Factory method to create an RDataFrame from a JSON specification file.

Create the RDataFrame from the dataset specification file.

[in]jsonFilePath of the JSON file, which should follow the format described in https://github.com/root-project/root/issues/11624
[in]jsonFilePath to the dataset specification JSON file.

The input dataset specification JSON file must include a number of keys that describe all the necessary samples and their associated metadata information. The main key, "samples", is required and at least one sample is needed. Each sample must have at least one key "trees" and at least one key "files" from which the data is read. Optionally, one or more metadata information can be added, as well as the friend list information.

Example specification file JSON:

The following is an example of the dataset specification JSON file formatting:

"samples": {
"sampleA": {
"trees": ["tree1", "tree2"],
"files": ["file1.root", "file2.root"],
"metadata": {"lumi": 1.0, }
"sampleB": {
"trees": ["tree3", "tree4"],
"files": ["file3.root", "file4.root"],
"metadata": {"lumi": 0.5, }

Definition at line 1693 of file RDataFrame.cxx.

◆ VariationsFor() [1/2]

template<typename T >
RResultMap< T > ROOT::RDF::Experimental::VariationsFor ( RResultPtr< T >  resPtr)

Produce all required systematic variations for the given result.

[in]resPtrThe result for which variations should be produced.
A RResultMap object with full variation names as strings (e.g. "pt:down") and the corresponding varied results as values.

A given input RResultPtr<T> produces a corresponding RResultMap<T> with a "nominal" key that will return a value identical to the one contained in the original RResultPtr. Other keys correspond to the varied values of this result, one for each variation that the result depends on. VariationsFor does not trigger the event loop. The event loop is only triggered upon first access to a valid key, similarly to what happens with RResultPtr.

If the result does not depend, directly or indirectly, from any registered systematic variation, the returned RResultMap will contain only the "nominal" key.

See RDataFrame's Vary method for more information and example usages.

Currently, producing variations for the results of Display, Report and Snapshot actions is not supported.

Definition at line 219 of file RDFHelpers.hxx.

◆ VariationsFor() [2/2]

ROOT::RDF::Experimental::SnapshotPtr_t ROOT::RDF::Experimental::VariationsFor ( SnapshotPtr_t  resPtr)

Definition at line 135 of file RDFHelpers.cxx.