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The Core Mathematical Library of ROOT.

MathCore provides a collection of functions and C++ classes for HEP numerical computing. This library provides only the basic mathematical functions and algorithms and not all the functionality required by the HEP community. More advanced mathematical functionalities is provided by the MathMore. The current set includes classes and functions for:

Note that in this latest release the GenVector (physics and geometry vectors for 2,3 and 4 dimensions with their transformations) is not anymore part of MathCore, but is built as a separate library. MathCore contains instead now classes which were originally part of libCore. These include:


 Fitting and Parameter Estimation
 Classes used for fitting (regression analysis) and estimation of parameter values given a data sample.
 Interface classes for Random number generation
 Pseudo-random numbers generator classes and for generation of random number distributions.
 Goodness of Fit Tests
 Classical one-dimensional goodness of git tests for unbinned data.
 Function Classes and Interfaces
 Interfaces (abstract classes) and Base classes used in MathCore and MathMore numerical methods for describing function classes.
 Numerical Algorithms
 Numerical Algorithm classes from the MathCore and MathMore libraries.
 Statistical functions
 Probability density functions, cumulative distribution functions and their inverses (quantiles) for various statistical distributions (continuous and discrete).
 Special functions
 Special mathematical functions.


file  RFit.hxx


class  ROOT::Math::Delaunay2D
 Class to generate a Delaunay triangulation of a 2D set of points. More...
class  TKDTreeBinning
 <- TKDTreeBinning - A class providing multidimensional binning -> More...
class  TStatistic
 Statistical variable, defined by its mean and variance (RMS). More...