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show_extract.C File Reference

Detailed Description

Helper script for showing of extracted / simplified geometries.

By default shows a simplified ALICE geometry.

#include "TFile.h"
#include "TKey.h"
#include "TGeoShape.h"
namespace REX = ROOT::Experimental;
void show_extract(const char* file="csg.root")
// disable browser cache - all scripts and html files will be loaded every time, useful for development
// gEnv->SetValue("WebGui.HttpMaxAge", 0);
auto eveMng = REX::REveManager::Create();
TIter next(gDirectory->GetListOfKeys());
const TString extract_class("ROOT::Experimental::REveGeoShapeExtract");
REX::REveGeoShape *eve_shape = nullptr;
while (auto key = (TKey *)next())
if (extract_class == key->GetClassName())
auto gse = (REX::REveGeoShapeExtract*) key->ReadObj();
eve_shape = REX::REveGeoShape::ImportShapeExtract(gse, nullptr);
if (!eve_shape)
Error("show_extract.C", "No keys of class '%s'.", extract_class.Data());
#define gDirectory
Definition TDirectory.h:384
void Error(const char *location, const char *msgfmt,...)
Use this function in case an error occurred.
Definition TError.cxx:185
void AddGlobalElement(REveElement *element, REveElement *parent=nullptr)
Add a global element, i.e.
static TFile * Open(const char *name, Option_t *option="", const char *ftitle="", Int_t compress=ROOT::RCompressionSetting::EDefaults::kUseCompiledDefault, Int_t netopt=0)
Create / open a file.
Definition TFile.cxx:4075
void Draw(Option_t *option="") override
Draw this shape.
Book space in a file, create I/O buffers, to fill them, (un)compress them.
Definition TKey.h:28
Basic string class.
Definition TString.h:139
ROOT::Experimental::REveManager * eveMng
Definition file.py:1
Matevz Tadel

Definition in file show_extract.C.