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lineset.C File Reference
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void lineset (bool secondarySelect=true)
REX::REveStraightLineSetmakeLineSet (Int_t nlines=40, Int_t nmarkers=4, bool sc=true)

Detailed Description

Demonstrates usage of class REveStraightLineSet.

The elements in the set can be individually picked when enable secondary select. The REveStraightLineSet is a projectable class. It can be visible in RhoZ and RhoPhi projected views.

Definition in file lineset.C.

Function Documentation

◆ lineset()

void lineset ( bool  secondarySelect = true)

Definition at line 41 of file lineset.C.

◆ makeLineSet()

REX::REveStraightLineSet * makeLineSet ( Int_t  nlines = 40,
Int_t  nmarkers = 4,
bool  sc = true 

Definition at line 18 of file lineset.C.