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RooFit::TestStatistics::RooUnbinnedL Class Reference

Definition at line 33 of file RooUnbinnedL.h.

Public Member Functions

 RooUnbinnedL (const RooUnbinnedL &other)
 RooUnbinnedL (RooAbsPdf *pdf, RooAbsData *data, RooAbsL::Extended extended=RooAbsL::Extended::Auto, RooFit::EvalBackend evalBackend=RooFit::EvalBackend::Legacy())
 ~RooUnbinnedL () override
ROOT::Math::KahanSum< doubleevaluatePartition (Section events, std::size_t components_begin, std::size_t components_end) override
 Calculate and return likelihood on subset of data from firstEvent to lastEvent processed with a step size of 'stepSize'.
std::string GetClassName () const override
bool setApplyWeightSquared (bool flag)
 Returns true if value was changed, false otherwise.
- Public Member Functions inherited from RooFit::TestStatistics::RooAbsL
 RooAbsL (ClonePdfData in, std::size_t N_events, std::size_t N_components, Extended extended=Extended::Auto)
 Constructor that clones the pdf/data and owns those cloned copies.
 RooAbsL (const RooAbsL &other)
 RooAbsL (RooAbsPdf *pdf, RooAbsData *data, std::size_t N_events, std::size_t N_components, Extended extended=Extended::Auto)
 Constructor that does not clone pdf/data and uses the shared_ptr aliasing constructor to make it non-owning.
virtual ~RooAbsL ()=default
virtual void constOptimizeTestStatistic (RooAbsArg::ConstOpCode opcode, bool doAlsoTrackingOpt)
 Interface function signaling a request to perform constant term optimization.
virtual double defaultErrorLevel () const
virtual std::string GetInfo () const
virtual std::string GetName () const
std::size_t getNComponents () const
std::size_t getNEvents () const
virtual std::unique_ptr< RooArgSetgetParameters ()
virtual std::string GetTitle () const
void initClones (RooAbsPdf &inpdf, RooAbsData &indata)
bool isExtended () const
virtual std::size_t numDataEntries () const
 Number of dataset entries.
void setSimCount (std::size_t value)

Private Attributes

bool _first = true
std::stack< std::vector< double > > _vectorBuffers
bool apply_weight_squared = false
 Apply weights squared?
ROOT::Math::KahanSum< doublecachedResult_ {0.}
std::shared_ptr< RooFit::Evaluatorevaluator_
 ! For batched evaluation
Section lastSection_ = {0, 0}
std::unique_ptr< RooChangeTrackerparamTracker_

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from RooFit::TestStatistics::RooAbsL
enum class  Extended { Auto , Yes , No }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from RooFit::TestStatistics::RooAbsL
static bool isExtendedHelper (RooAbsPdf *pdf, Extended extended)
- Protected Attributes inherited from RooFit::TestStatistics::RooAbsL
std::shared_ptr< RooAbsDatadata_
bool extended_ = false
std::size_t N_components_ = 1
std::size_t N_events_ = 1
std::unique_ptr< RooArgSetnormSet_
 Pointer to set with observables used for normalization.
std::shared_ptr< RooAbsPdfpdf_
std::size_t sim_count_ = 1

#include <RooFit/TestStatistics/RooUnbinnedL.h>

Inheritance diagram for RooFit::TestStatistics::RooUnbinnedL:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RooUnbinnedL() [1/2]

RooUnbinnedL::RooUnbinnedL ( RooAbsPdf pdf,
RooAbsData data,
RooAbsL::Extended  extended = RooAbsL::Extended::Auto,
RooFit::EvalBackend  evalBackend = RooFit::EvalBackend::Legacy() 

Definition at line 55 of file RooUnbinnedL.cxx.

◆ RooUnbinnedL() [2/2]

RooUnbinnedL::RooUnbinnedL ( const RooUnbinnedL other)

Definition at line 74 of file RooUnbinnedL.cxx.

◆ ~RooUnbinnedL()

RooUnbinnedL::~RooUnbinnedL ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ evaluatePartition()

ROOT::Math::KahanSum< double > RooUnbinnedL::evaluatePartition ( Section  events,
std::size_t  components_begin,
std::size_t  components_end 

Calculate and return likelihood on subset of data from firstEvent to lastEvent processed with a step size of 'stepSize'.

If this an extended likelihood and and the zero event is processed the extended term is added to the return likelihood.

Implements RooFit::TestStatistics::RooAbsL.

Definition at line 187 of file RooUnbinnedL.cxx.

◆ GetClassName()

std::string RooFit::TestStatistics::RooUnbinnedL::GetClassName ( ) const

Implements RooFit::TestStatistics::RooAbsL.

Definition at line 44 of file RooUnbinnedL.h.

◆ setApplyWeightSquared()

bool RooUnbinnedL::setApplyWeightSquared ( bool  flag)

Returns true if value was changed, false otherwise.

Definition at line 90 of file RooUnbinnedL.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _first

bool RooFit::TestStatistics::RooUnbinnedL::_first = true


Definition at line 48 of file RooUnbinnedL.h.

◆ _vectorBuffers

std::stack<std::vector<double> > RooFit::TestStatistics::RooUnbinnedL::_vectorBuffers

Definition at line 53 of file RooUnbinnedL.h.

◆ apply_weight_squared

bool RooFit::TestStatistics::RooUnbinnedL::apply_weight_squared = false

Apply weights squared?

Definition at line 47 of file RooUnbinnedL.h.

◆ cachedResult_

ROOT::Math::KahanSum<double> RooFit::TestStatistics::RooUnbinnedL::cachedResult_ {0.}

Definition at line 51 of file RooUnbinnedL.h.

◆ evaluator_

std::shared_ptr<RooFit::Evaluator> RooFit::TestStatistics::RooUnbinnedL::evaluator_

! For batched evaluation

Definition at line 52 of file RooUnbinnedL.h.

◆ lastSection_

Section RooFit::TestStatistics::RooUnbinnedL::lastSection_ = {0, 0}

Definition at line 50 of file RooUnbinnedL.h.

◆ paramTracker_

std::unique_ptr<RooChangeTracker> RooFit::TestStatistics::RooUnbinnedL::paramTracker_

Definition at line 49 of file RooUnbinnedL.h.

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