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REveBoxSet Class Reference

Collection of 3D primitives (fixed-size boxes, boxes of different sizes, or arbitrary sexto-epipeds, cones).

Each primitive can be assigned a signal value and a TRef.

A collection of 3D-markers. The way how they are defined depends on the fBoxType data-member.

  • kBT_FreeBox arbitrary box: specify 8*(x,y,z) box corners
  • kBT_AABox axis-aligned box: specify (x,y,z) and (w, h, d)
  • kBT_AABoxFixedDim axis-aligned box w/ fixed dimensions: specify (x,y,z) also set fDefWidth, fDefHeight and fDefDepth
  • kBT_Cone cone defined with position, axis-vector and radius
  • EllipticCone cone with elliptic base (specify another radius and angle in deg)

Each primitive can be assigned:

  1. Color or signal value. Thresholds and signal-to-color mapping can then be set dynamically via the REveRGBAPalette class.
  2. External TObject* (stored as TRef).

See also base-class REveDigitSet for more information. Tutorial: tutorials/eve/boxset_test.C

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