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TUriTest.C File Reference

Detailed Description

Rudimentary TUri test macro.

#include <TUri.h>
Bool_t TestResolutionHelper(TUri reference, TUri nominal, TUri &base)
TUri actual = TUri::Transform(reference, base);
if (!(nominal == actual))
Printf("\tERROR: %s => %s (should read: %s)", reference.GetUri().Data(), actual.GetUri().Data(), nominal.GetUri().Data());
return (nominal == actual);
Bool_t TestResolution()
TUri base = TUri("http://a/b/c/d;p?q");
Bool_t success = kTRUE;
// 5.4.1. Normal Examples
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g:h", "g:h", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g", "http://a/b/c/g", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("./g", "http://a/b/c/g", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g/", "http://a/b/c/g/", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("/g", "http://a/g", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("//g", "http://g", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("?y", "http://a/b/c/d;p?y", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g?y", "http://a/b/c/g?y", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("#s", "http://a/b/c/d;p?q#s", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g#s", "http://a/b/c/g#s", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g?y#s", "http://a/b/c/g?y#s", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper(";x", "http://a/b/c/;x", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g;x", "http://a/b/c/g;x", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g;x?y#s", "http://a/b/c/g;x?y#s", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("", "http://a/b/c/d;p?q", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper(".", "http://a/b/c/", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("./", "http://a/b/c/", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("..", "http://a/b/", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("../", "http://a/b/", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("../g", "http://a/b/g", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("../..", "http://a/", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("../../", "http://a/", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("../../g", "http://a/g", base);
// 5.4.2. Abnormal Examples
success &= TestResolutionHelper("../../../g", "http://a/g", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("../../../../g", "http://a/g", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("/./g", "http://a/g", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("/../g", "http://a/g", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g.", "http://a/b/c/g.", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper(".g", "http://a/b/c/.g", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g..", "http://a/b/c/g..", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("..g", "http://a/b/c/..g", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("./../g", "http://a/b/g", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("./g/.", "http://a/b/c/g/", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g/./h", "http://a/b/c/g/h", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g/../h", "http://a/b/c/h", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g;x=1/./y", "http://a/b/c/g;x=1/y", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g;x=1/../y", "http://a/b/c/y", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g?y/./x", "http://a/b/c/g?y/./x", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g?y/../x", "http://a/b/c/g?y/../x", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g#s/./x", "http://a/b/c/g#s/./x", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("g#s/../x", "http://a/b/c/g#s/../x", base);
success &= TestResolutionHelper("http:g", "http:g", base);
Bool_t TestPct()
TString errors = "";
for (char i = 0; i < 127; i++) {
char buffer[10];
sprintf(buffer, "0x%02x, ", i);
errors = errors + buffer;
if (!errors.IsNull())
Printf("\tERROR at %s", errors.Data());
return errors.IsNull();
Bool_t TestComposition()
TString composed = "http://user:pass@host.org/some/path/file.avi?key1=value1#anchor3";
TUri uri;
return uri.GetUri() == composed;
void Answer(Bool_t success)
if (success)
Printf("---> SUCCESS\n");
Printf("---> F A I L E D F A I L E D F A I L E D\n");
Bool_t TestValidation()
// validating examples from RFC chapter 1.1.2
Bool_t valid = kTRUE;
valid &= TUri("ftp://ftp.is.co.za/rfc/rfc1808.txt").IsUri();
valid &= TUri("http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2396.txt").IsUri();
// IPV6 example excluded
valid &= TUri("mailto:John.Doe@example.com").IsUri();
valid &= TUri("news:comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix").IsUri();
valid &= TUri("tel:+1-816-555-1212").IsUri();
valid &= TUri("telnet://").IsUri();
valid &= TUri("urn:oasis:names:specification:docbook:dtd:xml:4.1.2").IsUri();
return valid;
void TUriTest()
Printf("\n\nTUri test macro ...");
Printf("---> Validation");
Printf("---> Reference Resolution");
Printf("---> PCT Conversion");
Printf("---> Equivalence and Normalisation");
Answer(TUri("example://a/b/c/%7Bfoo%7D") == TUri("eXAMPLE://a/./b/../b/%63/%7bfoo%7d"));
Printf("---> Composition");
bool Bool_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:63
constexpr Bool_t kTRUE
Definition RtypesCore.h:100
void Printf(const char *fmt,...)
Formats a string in a circular formatting buffer and prints the string.
Definition TString.cxx:2481
Basic string class.
Definition TString.h:139
const char * Data() const
Definition TString.h:380
Bool_t IsNull() const
Definition TString.h:418
This class represents a RFC 3986 compatible URI.
Definition TUri.h:35
Bool_t SetScheme(const TString &scheme)
Set scheme component of URI:
Definition TUri.cxx:248
Bool_t SetFragment(const TString &fragment)
Set fragment component of URI:
Definition TUri.cxx:498
Bool_t SetPath(const TString &path)
Set path component of URI:
Definition TUri.cxx:481
Bool_t SetUserInfo(const TString &userinfo)
Set userinfo component of URI:
Definition TUri.cxx:405
Bool_t IsUri() const
Returns kTRUE if instance qualifies as URI URI = scheme ":" hier-part [ "?" query ] [ "#" fragment ] ...
Definition TUri.cxx:227
static const TString PctEncode(const TString &source)
Percent-encode and return the given string according to RFC 3986 in principle, this function cannot f...
Definition TUri.cxx:815
const TString GetUri() const
Returns the whole URI - an implementation of chapter 5.3 component recomposition.
Definition TUri.cxx:140
static TUri Transform(const TUri &reference, const TUri &base)
Transform a URI reference into its target URI using given a base URI.
Definition TUri.cxx:1122
Bool_t SetQuery(const TString &path)
Set query component of URI:
Definition TUri.cxx:298
Bool_t SetHost(const TString &host)
Set host component of URI:
Definition TUri.cxx:442
static const TString PctDecode(const TString &source)
Percent-decode the given string according to chapter 2.1 we assume a valid pct-encoded string.
Definition TUri.cxx:1086
Gerhard E. Bruckner 2007-10-18

Definition in file TUriTest.C.