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1// @(#)root/pythia6:$Id$
2// Author: Piotr Golonka 17/09/97
5 * Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *
6 * All rights reserved. *
7 * *
8 * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE. *
9 * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS. *
10 *************************************************************************/
12#ifndef ROOT_TMCParticle
13#define ROOT_TMCParticle
15#include "TObject.h"
16#include "TAttLine.h"
17#include "TPrimary.h"
20class TMCParticle : public TObject, public TAttLine {
24 Int_t fKS; // status of particle ( LUJETS K[1] )
25 Int_t fKF; // KF flavour code ( LUJETS K[2] )
26 Int_t fParent; // parrent's id ( LUJETS K[3] )
27 Int_t fFirstChild; // id of first child ( LUJETS K[4] )
28 Int_t fLastChild; // id of last child ( LUJETS K[5] )
30 Float_t fPx; // X momenta [GeV/c] ( LUJETS P[1] )
31 Float_t fPy; // Y momenta [GeV/c] ( LUJETS P[2] )
32 Float_t fPz; // Z momenta [GeV/c] ( LUJETS P[3] )
33 Float_t fEnergy; // Energy [GeV] ( LUJETS P[4] )
34 Float_t fMass; // Mass [Gev/c^2] ( LUJETS P[5] )
36 Float_t fVx; // X vertex [mm] ( LUJETS V[1] )
37 Float_t fVy; // Y vertex [mm] ( LUJETS V[2] )
38 Float_t fVz; // Z vertex [mm] ( LUJETS V[3] )
39 Float_t fTime; // time of procuction [mm/c]( LUJETS V[4] )
40 Float_t fLifetime; // proper lifetime [mm/c] ( LUJETS V[5] )
45 fLastChild(0), fPx(0), fPy(0), fPz(0), fEnergy(0), fMass(0),
46 fVx(0), fVy(0), fVz(0), fTime(0), fLifetime(0) {}
48 TMCParticle(Int_t kS, Int_t kF, Int_t parent,
49 Int_t firstchild, Int_t lastchild,
50 Float_t px, Float_t py, Float_t pz,
51 Float_t energy, Float_t mass,
52 Float_t vx, Float_t vy, Float_t vz,
53 Float_t time, Float_t lifetime) :
55 fKS(kS),
56 fKF(kF),
57 fParent(parent),
58 fFirstChild(firstchild),
59 fLastChild(lastchild),
60 fPx(px),
61 fPy(py),
62 fPz(pz),
63 fEnergy(energy),
64 fMass(mass),
65 fVx(vx),
66 fVy(vy),
67 fVz(vz),
68 fTime(time),
69 fLifetime(lifetime) { }
72 ~TMCParticle() override { }
74 Int_t GetKS() const {return fKS;}
75 Int_t GetKF() const {return fKF;}
76 Int_t GetParent() const {return fParent;}
78 Int_t GetLastChild() const {return fLastChild;}
80 Float_t GetPx() const {return fPx;}
81 Float_t GetPy() const {return fPy;}
82 Float_t GetPz() const {return fPz;}
83 Float_t GetEnergy() const {return fEnergy;}
84 Float_t GetMass() const {return fMass;}
86 Float_t GetVx() const {return fVx;}
87 Float_t GetVy() const {return fVy;}
88 Float_t GetVz() const {return fVz;}
89 Float_t GetTime() const {return fTime;}
90 Float_t GetLifetime() const {return fLifetime;}
91 const char *GetName() const override;
93 virtual void SetKS(Int_t kS) {fKS=kS;}
94 virtual void SetKF(Int_t kF) {fKF=kF;}
95 virtual void SetParent(Int_t parent) {fParent=parent;}
97 virtual void SetLastChild(Int_t last) {fLastChild=last;}
99 virtual void SetPx(Float_t px) {fPx=px;}
100 virtual void SetPy(Float_t py) {fPy=py;}
101 virtual void SetPz(Float_t pz) {fPz=pz;}
102 virtual void SetEnergy(Float_t energy) {fEnergy=energy;}
103 virtual void SetMass(Float_t mass) {fMass=mass;}
105 virtual void SetVx(Float_t vx) {fVx=vx;}
106 virtual void SetVy(Float_t vy) {fVy=vy;}
107 virtual void SetVz(Float_t vz) {fVz=vz;}
108 virtual void SetTime(Float_t time) {fTime=time;}
109 virtual void SetLifetime(Float_t lifetime) {fLifetime=lifetime;}
112 void ls(Option_t* option) const override;
114 ClassDefOverride(TMCParticle,1) // LUJETS particles data record.
float Float_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:57
const char Option_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:66
#define ClassDefOverride(name, id)
Definition Rtypes.h:341
Option_t Option_t option
Line Attributes class.
Definition TAttLine.h:18
This class serves as a data storage for description of one particle.
Definition TMCParticle.h:20
Float_t GetPx() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:80
Float_t fLifetime
Definition TMCParticle.h:40
Float_t fPx
Definition TMCParticle.h:30
virtual void SetPy(Float_t py)
virtual void SetEnergy(Float_t energy)
Int_t GetKS() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:74
const char * GetName() const override
Return name of this particle via Pythia.
Int_t fParent
Definition TMCParticle.h:26
virtual void SetParent(Int_t parent)
Definition TMCParticle.h:95
void ls(Option_t *option) const override
The ls function lists the contents of a class on stdout.
Float_t GetVx() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:86
virtual void SetFirstChild(Int_t first)
Definition TMCParticle.h:96
Float_t GetPy() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:81
Int_t GetLastChild() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:78
virtual void SetVy(Float_t vy)
Int_t fFirstChild
Definition TMCParticle.h:27
Float_t fPy
Definition TMCParticle.h:31
Float_t fPz
Definition TMCParticle.h:32
virtual void SetPz(Float_t pz)
Float_t fEnergy
Definition TMCParticle.h:33
virtual void SetKS(Int_t kS)
Definition TMCParticle.h:93
virtual void SetMass(Float_t mass)
Float_t GetLifetime() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:90
virtual void SetKF(Int_t kF)
Definition TMCParticle.h:94
TMCParticle(Int_t kS, Int_t kF, Int_t parent, Int_t firstchild, Int_t lastchild, Float_t px, Float_t py, Float_t pz, Float_t energy, Float_t mass, Float_t vx, Float_t vy, Float_t vz, Float_t time, Float_t lifetime)
Definition TMCParticle.h:48
Float_t fTime
Definition TMCParticle.h:39
virtual void SetPx(Float_t px)
Definition TMCParticle.h:99
Float_t GetTime() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:89
Float_t fVz
Definition TMCParticle.h:38
virtual void SetTime(Float_t time)
Float_t fMass
Definition TMCParticle.h:34
Int_t GetKF() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:75
~TMCParticle() override
Definition TMCParticle.h:72
Float_t GetPz() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:82
Int_t GetParent() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:76
Float_t GetVz() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:88
Int_t fLastChild
Definition TMCParticle.h:28
Float_t fVx
Definition TMCParticle.h:36
Float_t GetMass() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:84
Float_t GetEnergy() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:83
virtual void SetVz(Float_t vz)
virtual void SetVx(Float_t vx)
virtual void SetLastChild(Int_t last)
Definition TMCParticle.h:97
virtual void SetLifetime(Float_t lifetime)
Float_t fVy
Definition TMCParticle.h:37
Float_t GetVy() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:87
Int_t GetFirstChild() const
Definition TMCParticle.h:77
Mother of all ROOT objects.
Definition TObject.h:41
Definition first.py:1