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1// @(#)root/utils/src:$Id$
2// Author: Philippe Canal November 2011 ;
3// 16/04/2010 and Velislava Spasova.
4// originated from Zdenek Culik
8 * Copyright (C) 1995-2011, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *
9 * All rights reserved. *
10 * *
11 * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE. *
12 * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/rootcint. *
13 *************************************************************************/
15#ifndef ROOT__RSCANNER_H__
16#define ROOT__RSCANNER_H__
18#include <stack>
19#include <vector>
20#include <string>
21#include <map>
22#include <set>
24#include "clang/AST/AST.h"
25#include "clang/AST/ASTContext.h"
26#include "clang/AST/DeclGroup.h"
27#include "clang/AST/DeclFriend.h"
28#include "clang/AST/Type.h"
29#include "clang/AST/RecursiveASTVisitor.h"
31#include "llvm/IR/Module.h"
33#include "TClingUtils.h"
35namespace clang {
36 class ClassTemplatePartialSpecializationDecl;
37 class ClassTemplateDecl;
38 class RecordDecl;
39 class Stmt;
42namespace cling {
43 class Interpreter;
46class SelectionRules;
50class RScanner: public clang::RecursiveASTVisitor<RScanner>
53 bool shouldVisitDecl(clang::NamedDecl *D);
57 public:
58 AnnotatedNamespaceDecl(clang::NamespaceDecl *decl, long index, bool rRequestOnlyTClass) :
59 fDecl(decl), fRuleIndex(index), fRequestOnlyTClass(rRequestOnlyTClass){}
60 AnnotatedNamespaceDecl() { /* Nothing to do we do not own the pointer; */}
61 bool RequestOnlyTClass() const { return fRequestOnlyTClass; }
62 const clang::NamespaceDecl* GetNamespaceDecl() const { return fDecl; }
63 operator clang::NamespaceDecl const *() const { return fDecl; }
64 bool operator<(const AnnotatedNamespaceDecl& right) { return fRuleIndex < right.fRuleIndex; }
65 private:
66 const clang::NamespaceDecl *fDecl;
69 };
71 typedef std::vector<AnnotatedNamespaceDecl> NamespaceColl_t;
72 typedef std::vector<ROOT::TMetaUtils::AnnotatedRecordDecl> ClassColl_t;
73 typedef std::vector<const clang::TypedefNameDecl*> TypedefColl_t;
74 typedef std::vector<const clang::FunctionDecl*> FunctionColl_t;
75 typedef std::vector<const clang::VarDecl*> VariableColl_t;
76 typedef std::vector<const clang::EnumDecl*> EnumColl_t;
77 typedef void (*DeclCallback)(const clang::RecordDecl*);
78 typedef std::map<const clang::Decl*,const BaseSelectionRule*> DeclsSelRulesMap_t;
80 enum class EScanType : char {kNormal, kTwoPasses, kOnePCM};
83 EScanType stype,
84 const cling::Interpreter &interpret,
86 unsigned int verbose = 0);
88 // Configure the vistitor to also visit template instantiation.
89 bool shouldVisitTemplateInstantiations() const { return true; }
91 // Don't descend into function bodies.
92 bool TraverseStmt(clang::Stmt*) { return true; }
94 // Don't descend into templates partial specialization (but only instances thereof).
95 bool TraverseClassTemplatePartialSpecializationDecl(clang::ClassTemplatePartialSpecializationDecl*) { return true; }
97 bool VisitEnumDecl(clang::EnumDecl* D); //Visitor for every EnumDecl i.e. enumeration node in the AST
98 bool VisitFieldDecl(clang::FieldDecl* D); //Visitor for e field inside a class
99 bool VisitFunctionDecl(clang::FunctionDecl* D); //Visitor for every FunctionDecl i.e. function node in the AST
100 bool VisitNamespaceDecl(clang::NamespaceDecl* D); // Visitor for every RecordDecl i.e. class node in the AST
101 bool VisitRecordDecl(clang::RecordDecl* D); // Visitor for every RecordDecl i.e. class node in the AST
102 bool VisitTypedefNameDecl(clang::TypedefNameDecl* D); // Visitor for every TypedefNameDecl i.e. class node in the AST
103 bool VisitVarDecl(clang::VarDecl* D); //Visitor for every VarDecl i.e. variable node in the AST
105 bool TreatRecordDeclOrTypedefNameDecl(clang::TypeDecl* typeDecl); //Function called by VisitTypedefNameDecl and VisitRecordDecl
108 bool TraverseDeclContextHelper(clang::DeclContext *DC); // Here is the code magic :) - every Decl
109 // according to its type is processed by the corresponding Visitor method
111 // Set a callback to record which are declared.
114 // Main interface of this class.
115 void Scan(const clang::ASTContext &C);
117 // Utility routines. Most belongs in TMetaUtils and should be shared with rootcling.cxx
118 bool GetDeclName(clang::Decl* D, std::string& name) const;
119 static bool GetDeclQualName(const clang::Decl* D, std::string& qual_name);
120 bool GetFunctionPrototype(clang::Decl* D, std::string& prototype) const;
122 static const char* fgClangDeclKey; // property key used for CLang declaration objects
123 static const char* fgClangFuncKey; // property key for function (demangled) names
127 // public for now, the list of selected classes.
137 const clang::ClassTemplateSpecializationDecl *fDecl;
138 const clang::TypedefNameDecl* fTypedefNameDecl;
139 };
140 std::vector<DelayedAnnotatedRecordDeclInfo> fDelayedAnnotatedRecordDecls;
142 virtual ~RScanner ();
149 const clang::Type*,
150 const clang::RecordDecl*,
151 const std::string&,
152 const clang::TypedefNameDecl*,
153 unsigned int indexOffset=0);
154 std::string ConvTemplateArguments(const clang::TemplateArgumentList& list) const;
155 std::string ConvTemplateName(clang::TemplateName& N) const;
156 std::string ConvTemplateParameterList(clang::TemplateParameterList* list) const;
157 std::string ConvTemplateParams(clang::TemplateDecl* D) const;
158 void DeclInfo(clang::Decl* D) const;
159 std::string ExprToStr(clang::Expr* expr) const;
160 std::string FuncParameterList(clang::FunctionDecl* D) const;
161 std::string FuncParameters(clang::FunctionDecl* D) const;
162 std::string GetEnumName(clang::EnumDecl* D) const;
163 std::string GetLocation(clang::Decl* D) const;
164 std::string GetName(clang::Decl* D) const;
165 std::string GetSrcLocation(clang::SourceLocation L) const;
166 unsigned int FuncModifiers(clang::FunctionDecl* D) const;
167 unsigned int fVerboseLevel;
168 unsigned int VarModifiers(clang::VarDecl* D) const;
169 unsigned int Visibility(clang::Decl* D) const;
170 unsigned int VisibilityModifiers(clang::AccessSpecifier access) const;
171 void ShowError(const std::string &msg, const std::string &location = "") const;
172 void ShowInfo(const std::string &msg, const std::string &location = "") const;
173 void ShowTemplateInfo(const std::string &msg, const std::string &location = "") const;
174 void ShowWarning(const std::string &msg, const std::string &location = "") const;
175 static std::map <clang::Decl*, std::string> fgAnonymousClassMap;
176 static std::map <clang::Decl*, std::string> fgAnonymousEnumMap;
177 void UnexpectedDecl(clang::Decl* D,const std::string &txt = "") const;
178 void UnimplementedDecl(clang::Decl* D,const std::string &txt = "");
179 void UnimportantDecl(clang::Decl* D,const std::string &txt = "") const;
180 void UnknownDecl(clang::Decl* D, const std::string &txt = "") const;
181 void UnknownType(clang::QualType qual_type) const;
182 void UnsupportedDecl(clang::Decl* D,const std::string &txt = "") const;
183 void UnsupportedType(clang::QualType qual_type) const;
185 const clang::SourceManager* fSourceManager;
186 const cling::Interpreter &fInterpreter;
187 static const int fgDeclLast = clang::Decl::Var;
188 static const int fgTypeLast = clang::Type::TemplateTypeParm;
190 clang::Decl * fLastDecl;
198 std::set<clang::RecordDecl*> fselectedRecordDecls; // Set for O(logN)
199 EScanType fScanType; // Differentiate among different kind of scans
200 bool fFirstPass; // This flag allows to run twice, for example in presence of dict selection and recursive template list manipulations.
201 DeclsSelRulesMap_t fDeclSelRuleMap; // Map decls to selection rules which selected them
205#endif /* ROOT__RSCANNER_H__ */
#define N
Option_t Option_t TPoint TPoint const char GetTextMagnitude GetFillStyle GetLineColor GetLineWidth GetMarkerStyle GetTextAlign GetTextColor GetTextSize void char Point_t Rectangle_t WindowAttributes_t index
char name[80]
Definition TGX11.cxx:110
const clang::NamespaceDecl * fDecl
Definition Scanner.h:66
bool operator<(const AnnotatedNamespaceDecl &right)
Definition Scanner.h:64
const clang::NamespaceDecl * GetNamespaceDecl() const
Definition Scanner.h:62
AnnotatedNamespaceDecl(clang::NamespaceDecl *decl, long index, bool rRequestOnlyTClass)
Definition Scanner.h:58
std::string GetLocation(clang::Decl *D) const
Definition Scanner.cxx:234
void Scan(const clang::ASTContext &C)
Definition Scanner.cxx:1047
void UnknownDecl(clang::Decl *D, const std::string &txt="") const
unknown - this kind of declaration was not known to programmer
Definition Scanner.cxx:286
std::string ConvTemplateArguments(const clang::TemplateArgumentList &list) const
std::string ConvTemplateParams(clang::TemplateDecl *D) const
ROOT::TMetaUtils::TNormalizedCtxt & fNormCtxt
Definition Scanner.h:196
std::vector< ROOT::TMetaUtils::AnnotatedRecordDecl > ClassColl_t
Definition Scanner.h:72
DeclCallback fRecordDeclCallback
Definition Scanner.h:191
void UnsupportedDecl(clang::Decl *D, const std::string &txt="") const
unsupported - this kind of declaration is probably not used (in current version of C++)
Definition Scanner.cxx:308
static std::map< clang::Decl *, std::string > fgAnonymousEnumMap
Definition Scanner.h:176
const DeclsSelRulesMap_t & GetDeclsSelRulesMap() const
Definition Scanner.h:125
void UnimportantDecl(clang::Decl *D, const std::string &txt="") const
unimportant - this kind of declaration is not stored into reflex
Definition Scanner.cxx:319
bool TraverseClassTemplatePartialSpecializationDecl(clang::ClassTemplatePartialSpecializationDecl *)
Definition Scanner.h:95
void AddDelayedAnnotatedRecordDecls()
Definition Scanner.cxx:810
const clang::SourceManager * fSourceManager
Definition Scanner.h:185
static const int fgDeclLast
Definition Scanner.h:187
FunctionColl_t fSelectedFunctions
Definition Scanner.h:131
unsigned int VisibilityModifiers(clang::AccessSpecifier access) const
EScanType fScanType
Definition Scanner.h:199
unsigned int Visibility(clang::Decl *D) const
bool VisitFieldDecl(clang::FieldDecl *D)
Nothing to be done here.
Definition Scanner.cxx:907
void ShowInfo(const std::string &msg, const std::string &location="") const
Definition Scanner.cxx:190
bool TreatRecordDeclOrTypedefNameDecl(clang::TypeDecl *typeDecl)
Definition Scanner.cxx:607
static int fgAnonymousClassCounter
Definition Scanner.h:193
std::string FuncParameters(clang::FunctionDecl *D) const
Definition Scanner.cxx:431
bool fTypeTable[fgTypeLast+1]
Definition Scanner.h:192
std::vector< const clang::FunctionDecl * > FunctionColl_t
Definition Scanner.h:74
void ShowTemplateInfo(const std::string &msg, const std::string &location="") const
Definition Scanner.cxx:214
std::string GetEnumName(clang::EnumDecl *D) const
Definition Scanner.cxx:377
NamespaceColl_t fSelectedNamespaces
Definition Scanner.h:129
bool GetFunctionPrototype(clang::Decl *D, std::string &prototype) const
Definition Scanner.cxx:1011
std::set< clang::RecordDecl * > fselectedRecordDecls
Definition Scanner.h:198
std::string ConvTemplateParameterList(clang::TemplateParameterList *list) const
std::string ConvTemplateName(clang::TemplateName &N) const
Definition Scanner.cxx:416
std::vector< AnnotatedNamespaceDecl > NamespaceColl_t
Definition Scanner.h:71
unsigned int FuncModifiers(clang::FunctionDecl *D) const
static int fgBadClassCounter
Definition Scanner.h:195
void UnimplementedDecl(clang::Decl *D, const std::string &txt="")
information about item, that should be implemented
Definition Scanner.cxx:326
bool VisitVarDecl(clang::VarDecl *D)
Definition Scanner.cxx:888
TypedefColl_t fSelectedTypedefs
Definition Scanner.h:130
bool fFirstPass
Definition Scanner.h:200
std::string GetSrcLocation(clang::SourceLocation L) const
Definition Scanner.cxx:224
void(* DeclCallback)(const clang::RecordDecl *)
Definition Scanner.h:77
void UnsupportedType(clang::QualType qual_type) const
Definition Scanner.cxx:368
const cling::Interpreter & fInterpreter
Definition Scanner.h:186
DeclCallback SetRecordDeclCallback(DeclCallback callback)
Set the callback to the RecordDecl and return the previous one.
Definition Scanner.cxx:1078
bool VisitNamespaceDecl(clang::NamespaceDecl *D)
This method visits a namespace node.
Definition Scanner.cxx:478
std::map< const clang::Decl *, const BaseSelectionRule * > DeclsSelRulesMap_t
Definition Scanner.h:78
void ShowWarning(const std::string &msg, const std::string &location="") const
Definition Scanner.cxx:198
std::string GetName(clang::Decl *D) const
Definition Scanner.cxx:251
bool shouldVisitTemplateInstantiations() const
Definition Scanner.h:89
static int fgAnonymousEnumCounter
Definition Scanner.h:194
static const char * fgClangFuncKey
Definition Scanner.h:123
void ShowError(const std::string &msg, const std::string &location="") const
Definition Scanner.cxx:206
void UnexpectedDecl(clang::Decl *D, const std::string &txt="") const
unexpected - this kind of declaration is unexpected (in concrete place)
Definition Scanner.cxx:297
EnumColl_t fSelectedEnums
Definition Scanner.h:133
int AddAnnotatedRecordDecl(const ClassSelectionRule *, const clang::Type *, const clang::RecordDecl *, const std::string &, const clang::TypedefNameDecl *, unsigned int indexOffset=0)
Definition Scanner.cxx:534
unsigned int VarModifiers(clang::VarDecl *D) const
std::vector< const clang::TypedefNameDecl * > TypedefColl_t
Definition Scanner.h:73
std::vector< DelayedAnnotatedRecordDeclInfo > fDelayedAnnotatedRecordDecls
Definition Scanner.h:140
std::vector< const clang::VarDecl * > VariableColl_t
Definition Scanner.h:75
bool VisitEnumDecl(clang::EnumDecl *D)
Definition Scanner.cxx:870
static std::map< clang::Decl *, std::string > fgAnonymousClassMap
Definition Scanner.h:175
std::string FuncParameterList(clang::FunctionDecl *D) const
Definition Scanner.cxx:458
static bool GetDeclQualName(const clang::Decl *D, std::string &qual_name)
Definition Scanner.cxx:995
bool TraverseStmt(clang::Stmt *)
Definition Scanner.h:92
std::string ExprToStr(clang::Expr *expr) const
Definition Scanner.cxx:401
static const int fgTypeLast
Definition Scanner.h:188
SelectionRules & fSelectionRules
Definition Scanner.h:197
virtual ~RScanner()
Definition Scanner.cxx:104
static const char * fgClangDeclKey
Definition Scanner.h:122
bool VisitRecordDecl(clang::RecordDecl *D)
Definition Scanner.cxx:521
void UnknownType(clang::QualType qual_type) const
Definition Scanner.cxx:359
bool fDeclTable[fgDeclLast+1]
Definition Scanner.h:189
VariableColl_t fSelectedVariables
Definition Scanner.h:132
bool VisitFunctionDecl(clang::FunctionDecl *D)
Definition Scanner.cxx:929
DeclsSelRulesMap_t fDeclSelRuleMap
Definition Scanner.h:201
unsigned int fVerboseLevel
Definition Scanner.h:167
clang::Decl * fLastDecl
Definition Scanner.h:190
bool GetDeclName(clang::Decl *D, std::string &name) const
Definition Scanner.cxx:979
std::vector< const clang::EnumDecl * > EnumColl_t
Definition Scanner.h:76
bool TraverseDeclContextHelper(clang::DeclContext *DC)
Definition Scanner.cxx:949
ClassColl_t fSelectedClasses
Definition Scanner.h:128
void DeclInfo(clang::Decl *D) const
Definition Scanner.cxx:275
bool shouldVisitDecl(clang::NamedDecl *D)
Whether we can actually visit this declaration, i.e.
Definition Scanner.cxx:121
bool VisitTypedefNameDecl(clang::TypedefNameDecl *D)
Visitor for every TypedefNameDecl, i.e.
Definition Scanner.cxx:844
The class representing the collection of selection rules.
const clang::ClassTemplateSpecializationDecl * fDecl
Definition Scanner.h:137
const clang::TypedefNameDecl * fTypedefNameDecl
Definition Scanner.h:138
const ClassSelectionRule * fSelected
Definition Scanner.h:136