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RooAbsData::PlotOpt Struct Reference

Definition at line 206 of file RooAbsData.h.

Public Member Functions

 PlotOpt ()

Public Attributes

const char * addToHistName
Double_t addToWgtOther
Double_t addToWgtSelf
Bool_t correctForBinWidth
const char * cutRange
const char * cuts
RooAbsData::ErrorType etype
Bool_t histInvisible
const char * histName
Bool_t refreshFrameNorm
Double_t scaleFactor
Double_t xErrorSize

#include <RooAbsData.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PlotOpt()

RooAbsData::PlotOpt::PlotOpt ( )

Definition at line 207 of file RooAbsData.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ addToHistName

const char* RooAbsData::PlotOpt::addToHistName

Definition at line 217 of file RooAbsData.h.

◆ addToWgtOther

Double_t RooAbsData::PlotOpt::addToWgtOther

Definition at line 219 of file RooAbsData.h.

◆ addToWgtSelf

Double_t RooAbsData::PlotOpt::addToWgtSelf

Definition at line 218 of file RooAbsData.h.

◆ bins

RooAbsBinning* RooAbsData::PlotOpt::bins

Definition at line 212 of file RooAbsData.h.

◆ correctForBinWidth

Bool_t RooAbsData::PlotOpt::correctForBinWidth

Definition at line 222 of file RooAbsData.h.

◆ cutRange

const char* RooAbsData::PlotOpt::cutRange

Definition at line 214 of file RooAbsData.h.

◆ cuts

const char* RooAbsData::PlotOpt::cuts

Definition at line 210 of file RooAbsData.h.

◆ drawOptions

Option_t* RooAbsData::PlotOpt::drawOptions

Definition at line 211 of file RooAbsData.h.

◆ etype

RooAbsData::ErrorType RooAbsData::PlotOpt::etype

Definition at line 213 of file RooAbsData.h.

◆ histInvisible

Bool_t RooAbsData::PlotOpt::histInvisible

Definition at line 216 of file RooAbsData.h.

◆ histName

const char* RooAbsData::PlotOpt::histName

Definition at line 215 of file RooAbsData.h.

◆ refreshFrameNorm

Bool_t RooAbsData::PlotOpt::refreshFrameNorm

Definition at line 221 of file RooAbsData.h.

◆ scaleFactor

Double_t RooAbsData::PlotOpt::scaleFactor

Definition at line 223 of file RooAbsData.h.

◆ xErrorSize

Double_t RooAbsData::PlotOpt::xErrorSize

Definition at line 220 of file RooAbsData.h.

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