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rsadef.h File Reference
#include <ERROR: rsa_MAXBIT must be defined>
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struct  rsa_KEY
struct  rsa_KEY_export
struct  rsa_NUMBER


#define rsa_DIVMAX1(x)   ((x) >> rsa_MAXBIT)
#define rsa_HIGHBIT   (1 << (rsa_MAXBIT-1) )
#define rsa_LOWBITS   rsa_MAXBIT
#define rsa_MAXINT   0xFFFF
#define rsa_MAXLEN   (300*8/(rsa_MAXBIT + 1))
#define rsa_MODMAX1(x)   ((x) & rsa_MAXINT)
#define rsa_MULMAX1(x)   ((x) << rsa_MAXBIT)
#define rsa_NUM0P   ((rsa_NUMBER *)0) /* Abkuerzung */
#define rsa_STRLEN   (rsa_MAXLEN*rsa_MAXBIT/4)
#define rsa_TOINT(x)   ((rsa_INT)rsa_MODMAX1(x))


typedef unsigned short rsa_INT
typedef unsigned long rsa_LONG

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ rsa_DIVMAX1

#define rsa_DIVMAX1 (   x)    ((x) >> rsa_MAXBIT)

Definition at line 91 of file rsadef.h.


#define rsa_HIGHBIT   (1 << (rsa_MAXBIT-1) )

Definition at line 88 of file rsadef.h.


#define rsa_LOWBITS   rsa_MAXBIT

Definition at line 80 of file rsadef.h.

◆ rsa_MAXINT

#define rsa_MAXINT   0xFFFF

Definition at line 53 of file rsadef.h.

◆ rsa_MAXLEN

#define rsa_MAXLEN   (300*8/(rsa_MAXBIT + 1))

Definition at line 86 of file rsadef.h.

◆ rsa_MODMAX1

#define rsa_MODMAX1 (   x)    ((x) & rsa_MAXINT)

Definition at line 92 of file rsadef.h.

◆ rsa_MULMAX1

#define rsa_MULMAX1 (   x)    ((x) << rsa_MAXBIT)

Definition at line 93 of file rsadef.h.

◆ rsa_NUM0P

#define rsa_NUM0P   ((rsa_NUMBER *)0) /* Abkuerzung */

Definition at line 109 of file rsadef.h.

◆ rsa_STRLEN

#define rsa_STRLEN   (rsa_MAXLEN*rsa_MAXBIT/4)

Definition at line 87 of file rsadef.h.

◆ rsa_TOINT

#define rsa_TOINT (   x)    ((rsa_INT)rsa_MODMAX1(x))

Definition at line 101 of file rsadef.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ rsa_INT

typedef unsigned short rsa_INT

Definition at line 37 of file rsadef.h.

◆ rsa_LONG

typedef unsigned long rsa_LONG

Definition at line 38 of file rsadef.h.